New Movie: Outcast

Being released today in theatres in North America, as well as on Video-on-Demand, Outcast is set in medieval China and stars Nicholas Cage and Hayden Christensen.

Directed by Nicholas Powell, the film is a Chinese-Canadian-French co-production of a story that was originally “conceived as a spaghetti western set in Britain.” By taking the story to China, it allowed the filmmakers to give an epic-quality along with huge battles involving hundreds of extras.


Official Synopsis: When the heir of the Imperial throne becomes the target of an assassination by his despised older brother, the young prince must flee the kingdom and seek protection. His only hope for survival is a reluctant war-weary crusader named Jacob, who must overcome his own personal demons and rally the assistance of a mythical outlaw known as The White Ghost. Together they must fight side by side in an epic battle to return the prince to his rightful place on the throne.

Reviews have so far been mixed, with many commentating on Cage’s performance as the half-crazed White Ghost. L.A. Times writer Gary Goldstein explains “Worry not, fans of Cage’s over-the-top stylings: Scenery is reliably chewed.”

Sean Mulvihill notes on FanboyNation that “if one enters the film accepting it for what it is, a B movie, you can get enough fun out of it. In a lot of aspects, production design and some of the cinematography, Outcast looked a lot better than I expected.”

You can see more from the film in these scenes:

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