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Ten Thoughts on Game of Thrones, Season 4 Episode 5: First Of His Name

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones sees the end of Craster’s Keep, and continues to advance the various plotlines.


1. Cersei’s character is often hard to read and we don’t know if she someone to sympathize with or despise. In this week’s episode we’re reminded that Cersei still worries much about her daughter, and she also hopes to make amends with Margery. This is the same woman who is currently seeking blind vengeance against her own brother and often takes delight in being vindictive and cruel. It is a very complex character, and an unpredictable one for the viewer – we never really know what her true motives are, and we can never really feel at ease when she is on the screen.


2. We get to learn something about the economics of Westeros, as Tywin reveals that the Lannisters are out of money and in debt to bankers. If this was the real medieval world, this would not be such a dire problems, as kings were very good at figuring our ways of not paying their debts. However, in this show it seems like the Iron Bank of Braavos might be a group you should not cross.

3. The show ended on another feel-good moment: Jon Snow killing Karl and the destruction of Craster’s Keep. The fight scene between Jon and Karl was well done, and Karl’s death was particularly gruesome and appropriate. Jon gets his reward for his good deed with the return of his wolf.


4. I also thought it was fitting to have the women of Craster’s Keep decide that they would not accept any more help from the Night’s Watch and burn down this place which has been a living hell from them. I wish them luck!

5. Game of Thrones often wants to show you there are two sides to how to act and behave. In this episode we see Jon’s honourable way of swordfighting overcoming the dirty tactics of Karl (albeit with a little help from one of Craster’s women). Prior to that we see The Hound giving Arya another lesson in living in the real-world by letting her know that fancy fighting skills are not much good when dealing with armour and his strength.

6. It looks like we have a second odd-couple (after Arya and The Hound) as Brienne and Podrick get started on her quest to find Sansa. Their scenes had a lot of comedy, which we rarely see in Game of Thrones, and it will be interesting to see how much time they give them in upcoming episodes.

7. We also get back to Eyrie and get re-acquainted with Lysa Arryn. She is not a character that I like very much, as it seems to me that she could have never survived, let alone retained control over her castle and lands. Lysa is just too unstable for people to follow her – someone would have long ago figured out a way to get rid of her.


8. We get a revelation about another assassination – John Arryn, who we saw dead back in Season 1. Again, it was Littlefinger who masterminded the murder. Learning these little details reminds us how much actually happens in this series, and that it would be hard for someone to start watching this show midway through.

9. I enjoyed the little scene of Arya giving her hit list, but I think it will be difficult for her to kill anyone at this point.

10. I’m disappointed that Daenerys has to return back to the cities she has already had conquered, so she can conquer them again, but it makes sense that being a ruler also means being able to hold onto what you take.