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The Borgias – Review of Season 2 Episode 7 – The Siege of Forli

The Borgias – Review of SE 02 EP 07 – The Siege of Forli

“Knock the bitch off her perch.” ~ Rodrigo

Another action packed week of the Borgias begins with Juan’s “triumphant” return to Rome. He gifts Lucrezia with a panther (that bites her) and brings Rodrigo cigars from the New World that look like turds. We also find out that he appears to have contracted some kind of STD. OUCH. It’s not looking too good for Juan.

“To think, Florence used to be a joyful city” ~ Cesare

Meanwhile, Machiavelli, Ceasre and Micheletto team up to provide the show with some more comedic relief. Micholetto listens as Savonarola preaches and then he reports back to Machiavelli and Cesare. Machiavelli shows Cesare Savonarola’s newest creation – his “God’s Children.” They run door to door asking for people to give up their “vanities” for the coming bonfire. Machiavelli responds by giving them a dusty stuffed owl :) ACES. Julian Bleach is brilliantly funny delivering a dead pan Machiavelli. I hope to see him take up more screen time beside Cesare and Micholetto. He’s delighful to watch.


What’s Della Rovere up to? He’s still poisoning the boy for the 85th time with Canterella. His muse is almost ready to go out into the world and taste some Borgia food :) Della Rovere also warns the brothers to temper Savonarola because he is giving the Borgias a reason to arrest him for heresy and points out quite rightly, that Savonarola is better to them alive than in Heaven. It doesn’t look like Savonarola is heeding his advice.

“I will never bend my knee to the whoremaster of Rome! You can take my son, but I have the means to produce ten more sons and they will hunt you down and send you to your grave!” ~ Caterina Sforza.


Finally, the much anticipated Siege of Forli. The papal army, headed by Juan, comes to Forli to take Caterina Sforza by force. Juan is advised by his conquistador commerade to speak to her so they don’t lose men uneccessarily. Caterina Sforza looks magnificant and fierce decked out like Joan of Arc in her burnished armour. During their parley, Juan manages to capture Caterina’s teenage son. In order to get Caterina’s cooperation, Juan tortures and threatens to hang the boy in front of her. However, Caterina will not be moved and is willing to sacrifice her son’s life before bending knee to the Borgias. The conquistador Juan brought to help the siege questions his honour in torturing a boy. When Juan decides to kill Caterina’s son, the conquistador betrays him and saves the boy. Juan’s army is routed by Caterina’s reinforcements and Juan ends up unhorsed. Yet again, Juan demonstrates how NOT to be a leader.

Lastly, Lucrezia makes her move on her suitor’s brother. She is intent on getting who she wants this time around after her violent and horrid marriage to the late Giovanni Sforza. Unfortunately, Rodrigo is not having it because she is interested in the second, less affluent and politcally valuable son. After bickering and pleading, she gives in to Rodrigo. We all know that her giving in means she will most likely marry the first son and sleep with the second. Or…being a Borgia, she gives her panther as a gift to her suitor – maybe she’s hoping it aids in his early demise ;)

Tune in next week for another back stabbing, bonfire burning, posion drinking episode of…The Borgias on Showtime, Sundays at 10:00pm.

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