Publishing your Research in Archaeology Journals

Publishing your Research in Archaeology Journals

Round Table Session organized by Robin Skeates (Durham University) and Estella Weiss‐Krejci (University of Vienna)

Given on September 1, 2012 at the 18th European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting in Helsinki, Finland

This round table, sponsored by the EAA’s European Journal of Archaeology, aims to build upon a series of short presentations by a group of experienced archaeology authors, editors, peer reviewers and publishers: first, as a basis for discussing some current issues relating to publishing archaeological research; and, second, to offer practical advice to less experienced archaeologists interested in getting the results of their research published. Issues to be discussed will include: approaching editors and publishers, originality, writing style and conventions, word limits, abstracts and keywords, tables and illustrations, referencing and bibliographies, libel, copyright, peer review, rejections, deadlines, online submissions, publication processes and schedules, print vs. online, impact, and open access publishing.

Part 1: How NOT to get Published in Archaeology, by Robin Skeates

Part 2: How to write a book review, by Estella Weiss‐Krejci


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