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Full Metal Jousting – Review of the Season Finale

It’s finally here! The much anticipated season finale of Full Metal Jousting! We had two epic battles – one for $25,000 and the grand prize joust for $100,000 and title of champion jouster. The first joust was for the $25,000 and both teams were told to select who would represent them in the joust. The black team seemed to have an easier time of it and immediately selected Rope Myers and Jack Mathis. Unable to decide between the two, they left it up to a final coin toss and Rope won.

The red team had some tension when Josh Avery, John Stikes and David Prewitt vied to joust. It came down to a secret ballot. John Stikes was the most vocal about why he thought he deserved it and in the end, he won the ballot by a single vote. So it was Rope Myers against John Stikes. I was looking forward to this joust but it ended up being terribly boring! A lot of misses, poor passes and an overall half-assed effort. For all his persistence, John didn’t redeem himself and Rope took home the $25,000.

Then on to the finale – Josh Knowles versus Matt Hiltman. From the get go, this joust was everything the last one wasn’t. On the first pass, Matt and Josh hit hard and nearly unhorse each other. They consistently hit the mark, and consistently give 100% . Both men brought their A-game to this joust and it shows. It was neck and neck with these solid athletes. Matt was in the lead for most of the joust with Josh fighting down nerves and giving him a worthy fight but at the last pass it’s a nail biter. It looks like one of them might have been off mark and the final decision is left up to the judges. After a few heart pounding, emotional minutes, Josh Knowles is announced as the winner by a score of 17-16 and walks away with $100,000! Well done Josh!

Josh was a great jouster and character on the show. He was intensely focused and driven toward the end goal of becoming champion to help make his daughter’s life better. Josh’s cocky demeanor was humorous, never off putting and he was well respected by his teammates and opponents alike. Josh Knowles was enjoyable to watch and I was happy to see him take home the prize.

This was a solid sporting show that melded medieval and modern well yet kept the reality drama to a watchable level. Some interesting change ups if a season two were to happen: getting the best professional jousters in the world to ride against each other, having Shane Adams become more involved in terms of possibly coaching one of the teams, and possibly bringing in a new plot twist of some sort (like the $25,000 joust announcement). Shane’s a great Emcee but he has so much experience and knowledge, it’d be great to see him mentor one of the teams. I always enjoyed his tidbits and helpful explanations during jousts. Unfortunately,there is no news as to a season two, but it would be great to see another season of this action packed show.

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