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Full Metal Jousting – Review of SE01 EP02

The Red team was down but not out! In this week’s episode of Full Metal Jousting, the Black and Red team go head to head for another gruelling joust. Feeling good off last week’s fantastic win, a slightly over confident Black team let a good practice get to their heads as they face off against a shaky and poor jouster in the Red Team’s Jake Noder.

Pitting another theatrical veteran against a strong rider but weak lancer seems like an easy win for the Black team. However, this episode proves you can never tell at first glance as Jake shocks everyone by unhorsing Jack for 10 points. This obviously rattles Jack and Jake then buckles down and pulls off the win for the Red Team. It’s the underdog upset that made this week’s episode so riveting to watch.


There was little to no strutting and theatrics this week – it was 90% joust, just the way I like it :) The show pushes hard and shows that physicality, grit, and determination, not pseudo-drama, carry the day. It’s interesting every week because the show doesn’t need to rely on set-up altercations to keep people entertained.

Tune in next week for another bone crunching, lance smashing good time with us on Full Metal Jousting, Wednesday at 9:00pm on the History Channel. 

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