Motte and Bailey Castle in England to go on sale at auction

The remains of a Norman motte and bailey castle will be sold at auction next month, and is expected to fetch between £25,000 and £30,000. Driffield Castle on Moot Hill, located in East Yorkshire, sits on a private property of just over two acres near town of Driffield. It will be sold at an auction held on September 7th.

Little now remains of the medieval fortress, which was constructed by Hugh d’Arvanches, first Earl of Chester, in the 11th century. In the 13th century the castle was re-fortified and a wide ditch still separates the motte from its large bailey. The site may even hold the remains of an eighth century Northumbrian royal palace.


But in the 19th century the site was damaged by stone quarrying and no visible traces remain of the structure. Still, the site may hold interesting archaeological treasures.

Keith Miller, an Inspector of Ancient Monuments for English Heritage, told the Driffield Times and Post, “Despite earlier antiquarian excavations, 19th century stone quarrying and the surrounding housing developments, the site at Moot Hill remains largely untouched. Due to the importance of the site and its designation as a scheduled monument all 2.33 acres up for sale could not be built on or developed in any way. We would be pleased to hear from any potential buyers to discuss how the site could be better managed to preserve it for future generations.”


The mayor of Driffield expressed interest in having the town purchase the property and use it as a community park, but the local town council will not be meeting in time to discuss whether or not they can buy the property before it goes to auction.

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Source: Driffield Times and Post