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Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators

Medieval Art: A Resource for Educators

By Michael Norris

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2005

Goals and Design of this Resource: This Resource for Educators has three principal goals.

First, to introduce teachers and their students to the superb examples of medieval art contained in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum, at its main building on Fifth Avenue and at The Cloisters, its branch museum in northern Manhattan. Second, to inform teachers and students about the culture that engendered these works of art. And third, to provide an educational guide flexible enough to stimulate those who are new to the Middle Ages as well as those already familiar with medieval art.

This resource contains a variety of written and visual materials that contextualize the Museum’s collection of medieval art, including a map; an Overview of Medieval Art and Its Time; sections on Selected Themes in Medieval Art, Materials and Techniques, and The Metropolitan Museum’s Two Collections of Medieval Art; and a glossary, which provides definitions of words that are bolded on first mention in the text.

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