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Third Crusade

Articles on the Third Crusade:

The Byzantines and Saladin, 1185-1192: Opponents of the Third Crusade, by Charles M. Brand

The Artifice of War: Intelligence and Intrigue in the Third Crusade, by Dana Cushing

New Evidence for the Teutonic Order’s Bavarian Origins: Fragments Found, by Dana Cushing

The Impact of the Third Crusade upon Trade with the Levant, by Gerald W. Day

The Rise of Latin Christian Naval Power in the Third Crusade, by Paul Dingman

Richard I and the Science of Warfare, by John Gillingham

Richard I: Securing an Inheritance and Preparing a Crusade, 1189-1191, by Edward M. Humpert

Germanic Poetry Surrounding the Third Crusade: The Role of Lyric in Portraying Crusade Attitude, by Ellie Kane

The merchant of Genoa : the Crusades, the Genoese and the Latin East, 1187-1220s, by Merav Mack

Women on the Third Crusade, by Helen Nicholson

The Massacre at Acre: Mark of a Blood-thirsty King?, by Jared Stroik

The Importance of the Siege of Acre during the Third Crusade, 1189-1192, by Susan Woodson

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