John Kinnamos as a Historian of the Second Crusade

John Kinnamos as a Historian of the Second Crusade

By Mahmoud Said Omran

Uluslararasi Hacli Seferleri Sempozyumu. 23-25 Haziran 1997, Istanbul (Ankara, 1999)

Introduction: After the fall of Edessa in 1144, Pope Eugenius III (1145-1153) announced the Second Crusade. For some reason Conrad III, King of Germany (1138-1152), at the head of his army came first, followed by Louis VII, King of France (1137-1180), with his army.

They planned to reach Jerusalem by land route through Hungary and the Byzantine territory. A fleet of the northern countries planned to gather in Dartmouth harbor, in south-west England, to reach the Holy Land by sea through Gilbraltar.

The events of the Second Crusade which occurred in Asia Minor were recorded by some historians. Otto of Freisingen, who came with the German army, wrote some lines. The French historian Odo of Deuil recorded some good details about the Crusade in Asia Minor only. The Latin historian William of Tyre reported the events of the Crusade in Asia Minor on some pages. The other Latin, Arab and Syrian historians wrote little about Asia Minor’s events.

The main Byzantine historians of the Second Crusade were John Kinnamos and Niketas Choniates. I selected the first as a historian of the Second Crusade to be subject of my research.

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