Medieval News Archive for January 2010

Here is the complete archive of news items from our Medieval News Blog for January 2010:

Palaeography programme at King’s College London faces elimination

Sweden celebrates the 800th birthday of Birger jarl

The Assembly Project awarded £850,000 to study Vikings and Early Medieval Europe

British Library Launches New Virtual History Timeline

Medieval Gatehouse for sale in England

Viking Remains Discovered in Dublin

Sir Bevois and Ascupart story to be made into short film

Conference to announce true location of Bosworth Battlefield

Rosslyn Chapel scanned in 3D

Making Ireland Roman: Irish Neo-Latin Writers and the Republic of Letters

Over 5000 medieval historical novels, scholar finds

Macbeth: A True Story, by Fiona Watson

‘The Bread Book’ and the Court and Household of Mary de Guise

Medieval Professor sues Norweigian government over firing

Paleontologist discovers 3-D secrets of Middle Age designs of Kells’ ‘angels’

Cao Cao’s tomb to become tourist destination

Hull History Centre opens its doors

Reseach reveals new details about mercenaries in 14th century Italy

Pop Culture Reshapes Role of Crusades

Medieval Shipwrecks under threat from Shipworms

Seven Ages of Britain series to begin on BBC

Mel Gibson to make a film about Vikings

Medieval Wall Painting project short-listed for national heritage award

Skull of Medieval Pirate stolen from German Museum

Remains of Eadgyth, Anglo-Saxon Queen, discovered in German Cathedral

Eggs not used to build medieval bridge in Prague, researchers find

Archives of Renaissance Artist Vasari almost sent to Russia

Were mixed Christian-Jewish marriages possible in late medieval Poland?

King John’s Palace saved from collapse

Late Medieval Defences Uncovered at Edinburgh Castle

Natalie Zemon Davis discusses the challenges of being a Historian

Campaign to Save Medieval Archaeological Site in Murcia Succeeds – 13th century Arab neighborhood will not become a parking lot


The Search for the Historical Francis of Assisi – lecture at the University of Oregon

Papal Bull for Scotland’s first University is restored

Thetford Medieval Church needs urgent repairs

Rare 1602 World Map, the First Map in Chinese to Show the Americas, on Display at Library of Congress


Campaign to Save the Staffordshire Hoard begins

“Girl Power”: study shows how changes to marriage patterns changed women’s lives in the Late Middle Ages

New Director for Harvard’s Villa I Tatti Renaissance Center

BBC and the British Museum creates ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’

The Decline and Fall of the Mongol Empire

Anatomy expert shows how Renaissance masterpieces reveal ailments

New Librarian at the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies

Huge Medieval Waterwheel discovered in Greenwich, England

Medieval Irish Archbishop was corrupt, says scholar

Doubts raised over authencity of Cao Cao’s tomb

American Historical Association Annual Meeting begins today amidst controversy

Bologna to restore its Medieval Canals

Building remains discovered at Qasr al-Banat in Syria

Study on Early Medieval Ireland shows importance of Cows and Milk

University students make modern versions of medieval mystery plays

Medieval French specialist working on new edition of The Consolation of Philosophy

Two videos on the construction of early medieval buildings

Overlooked account of the First Crusade provides new insights into the Venetian role

Medieval Glass at York Minster saved from Fire

Song Dynasty murals discovered in tomb, depict medical scene

Micheal Prestwich named an Officer of the British Empire

Viking attacks on Europe were self-defence, scholar writes