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Articles about Medieval Ireland

Racial Discrimination in Later Medieval Ireland

The medieval Irish plea rolls – an introduction

Brian Boru: King, High-King, and Emperor of the Irish

Reclaiming the Sheela-na-gigs: Goddess Imagery in Medieval Sculptures of lreland

King John’s expedition to Ireland, 1210: the evidence reconsidered

A View of the Irish Language: Language and History in Ireland from the Middle Ages to the Present

The western suburb of medieval Dublin: its first century

Child-centered law in medieval Ireland

The State of Irish Hagiography

Multi-verbal expressions of ‘giving’ in Old English and Old Irish

The parish fraternities of County Meath in the late middle ages

England against the Celtic fringe : a study in cultural stereotypes

Concepts of ‘castle’ and the construction of identity in medieval and post-medieval Ireland

Pope Gregory the Great and the Irish

Oswald and the Irish

An Irish Legacy: The Privatization of Penance

Manorial organisation in early thirteenth-century Tipperary

Cultural geographies of the contact zone: Gaels, Galls and overlapping territories in late medieval Ireland


The horse in early Ireland

Dialect in medieval Irish? Evidence from placenames

English and Irish Medieval Fortified Ecclesiastical Structures and the Bishop’s Manor in Kilteasheen, Ireland

Musical Monuments from Medieval Meath

The Irish Astronomical Tract: A Case Study of Scientific Terminology in 14th Century Irish


The Book of Kells: A Celtic Treasure


Ireland announces nominees to the World Heritage List

Archaeologists find medieval remains at Rothe House in Ireland

Viking Remains Discovered in Dublin

Making Ireland Roman: Irish Neo-Latin Writers and the Republic of Letters

Paleontologist discovers 3-D secrets of Middle Age designs of Kells’ ‘angels’

Medieval Irish Archbishop was corrupt, says scholar

Study on Early Medieval Ireland shows importance of Cows and Milk

Brain surgery was performed in ninth-century Ireland

Road excavation reveals an early medieval mill site in Ireland

Irish Government moves to protect Skellig Michael


The Viking Age: Ireland and the West – Proceedings of the Fifteenth Viking Congress, Cork, 2005

Medieval Dublin IX

More Resources

The Secret of Kells – recent animated film set in medieval Ireland

Castles for Sale in Ireland – featuring: Caherkinmonwee Castle, Clonony Castle, Moyode Castle, Kilkea Castle and Killahara Castle


The Council of the Cursed: A Mystery of Ancient Ireland – novel by Peter Tremayne

Historic trail in Ireland launched – Travel News


Forum for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in Ireland

Royal Irish Academy

National Library of Ireland

National Museum of Ireland

Four Courts Press – Irish publisher who focuses on medieval Ireland

In Dúil Bélrai – English – Old Irish Glossary