Medieval News Archive for November 2009

Here are the News items posted on our Medieval News Blog in November 2009

Victoria & Albert Museum unveils its Medieval and Renaissance Galleries

Virtual Medieval Cathedral created

Congratulations Sandra!

Award for book ‘The Kuzari and the Shaping of Jewish Identity, 1167-1900 ‘

Call for Papers: St. Thomas Becket and the Vernacular Medieval Literature

Journal of Medieval History releases December 2009 issue

Oxford scholar wins award for medieval music manuscript

The tulip entered Europe through al-Andalus in the 11th century

Staffordshire Hoard is worth £3.285 million

Archaeological discoveries in Syria

Doctoral Student receives award for research on medieval music

Researcher: Faint writing seen on Shroud of Turin

Medieval and Early Modern Studies Conference at Moravian College

Latin gaining popularity at University of Toronto

Colchester Castle and Torre Abbey receive funding

Paris rediscovers its first medieval fortifications

Medieval Archaeology – Volume 53 released

Assassin’s Creed II sees high sales and positive reviews

Hollywood gets mixed reviews in history class, study suggests

Empire of the Word to examine the last 5000 years of reading

Dr. James Masschaele discusses Juries of the Middle Ages

Website Launched on Medieval Monasteries in Wales

Byzantine strategy goes under the spotlight in the past and present

Mystical Marriage in the Middle Ages: Divine or Diabolical?

6th Century Cross is restored by the Vatican

‘A Companion to Bede’ culmination of a historian’s work

A Social History of Byzantium

Barley Hall in York will be having a medieval Christmas

Medieval Armenian church collapses

Oxford medievalist wins Philip Leverhulme Prize

New Shakespeare archive launched

Pope speaks on the inspirational power of medieval cathedrals and art

Women and Aristocratic Culture in the Carolingian World

Seminar on Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales receives funding

Contemporary Perceptions of Byzantium – conference in Istanbul

Section of Great Wall of China damaged by miners

BBC radio series examines the medieval history of Christianity and Islam

Medieval Castle, Shipwreck and Chapel found in Poland

Byzantine Baptistry discovered in Egypt

Brill introduces Journal Open Access Service: Brill Open

Czech conservator may have found remains of St. Agnes of Bohemia

How Sweden conquered Finland in the Middle Ages

What Toys did Byzantine Children Play With?

Brain surgery was performed in ninth-century Ireland

14th century shipwreck found in Germany

Figurines of Aphrodite from the era of the Roman Empire discovered in Hippos

Medieval Documents used to pay taxes on Penrhyn Castle

Sexuality in Late Medieval Iceland

Medieval Apples were Healthier than Modern Ones

Ancient Lance Pierces Hole in King Arthur Legend

Scholarship on Ancient and Medieval Middle East Becomes Free Digitally

Teeth of Columbus’s crew flesh out tale of new world discovery

Iranian scholars share Avicenna’s medieval medical wisdom

‘Mummified’ trees found in Norway date back to the 13th century

Battle of Grunwald comic book competition

Medieval Cyprus landmark reopens after 5 year restoration project

Medieval Iberia Workshop Marks Launch of New Scholarly Journal

Scotland’s History website launched

DNA Testing Used to Unlock Secrets of Medieval Manuscripts

Remains of 1,000 people recovered from one of Ireland’s largest medieval cemeteries

Grover Zinn wins Emeritus Fellowship to research Hugh of Saint-Victor

Crusader marble hoard discovered

Medieval Church Steeple Crest stolen in Germany

Mons Meg wheel gets a flat

25th Jorvik Viking Centre Annual Festival

Dublin’s Viking Wall can now be seen