Medieval News Archive for December 2009

Here is the complete archive of news items from our Medieval News Blog for December 2009

How the Byzantines dealt with Werewolves

Grammar of Medieval Greek project

Did Elephants doom the Norse in Greenland?

Video report about the discovery of Cao Cao’s tomb

Tomb of Cao Cao, famous Chinese ruler, discovered

800-year-old Chinese ship now on display in a museum

Michael Prestwich discusses medieval biographies

Arab coin dating back to the year 805 found in Norway

Three Video Book Reviews from

Article examines the Dress Accessories of Medieval Peasants in England

Call for Papers: Intimacy: Family, Fealty, and Friendship in the Middle Ages

Archaeological project reveals Sweden’s oldest church, evidence of early Christianity

Study reveals how a Muslim family thrived in Christian-ruled Spain for nearly 300 years

Call for Papers: ‘Terra incognita’? Making space for medieval geographies

Murder in Medieval London was relatively low, study says

Model replica of medieval Newport ship being built

How did King Harold die at the Battle of Hastings

Medieval Peasants grew the best grapes, study finds

Medieval women of Wharram Percy were stronger than city counterparts, scholar finds

Historian criticizes media over Staffordshire Hoard coverage

Book reproduces famous documents from the Vatican Secret Archives

Restoration of Medieval Monastery in Bulgaria to Begin Next Year

Merovingian and Carolingian burial sites discovered near Paris

University of Nebraska-Lincoln touts its Medieval and Renaissance Studies program

Robin Hood trailer released

Time Team to show special on Dover Castle

Byzantine bathhouse found in Syria

Conference held on Cultures of War in the Middle Ages and Renaissance: The Sea

Movie about Mamluk Sultan Baybars in development

Ledbury: A Market Town and its Tudor Heritage

Student’s drawings used in Beowulf exhibit

Ewloe Castle and surrounding land sold for £838,000

New book on Battle of Kosovo stirs debate

Metropolitan Museum of Art reopens the Late Gothic Hall

Celtic Psalter, Scotland’s oldest book, goes on display

Farnham Castle to be restored

The Materiality of Devotion in the Late Middle Ages

Documents shed light on the mysterious death of James III of Scotland

West Virginia University offers online Religious Studies minor

Graduate couple wins fellowships from Medieval Academy of America

Italian Couple Uncovers Raphael Copies in their Apartment

Archaic Mark is a modern forgery, not a medieval manuscript

Matthew Paris Symposium

Durham in line to host the Lindisfarne Gospels

13th Century Welsh castle goes up for auction

Scholar to work medieval whales in Wales

Link between Templars and Robert the Bruce called “rubbish”

David Bloch awarded Nils Klim Prize

Great Northern Medieval Fayre in Canada offers Educational Experience

Research by Architecture Professor Describes Missing 500-Year Period of Loggias, Porticos

Report describes the state of England’s Cathedrals

Medieval shipyard discovered on Skye

Remains of Pere III of Aragon Discovered

£357,430 for research into Middle English verse forms

New evidence found about the Battle of Fulford

Study reveals how small wars were fought in medieval France