Ironclad is a described as a medieval ‘Magnificent Seven’, and an ultra-violent action thriller. Released in 2o11, the film tells the true story of a famous siege in thirteenth century England.

The latest trailer for this film:

Directed by Jonathan English, it cast includes James Purefoy, Paul Giamatti, Bob Hoskins, Robert Carlyle, Pete Postlethwaite, Lord Richard Attenborough, William Moseley, Colm Meany and Angus McFayden.

The film is set in England in 1215, where a band of knights defend Rochester Castle against King John. The siege of Rochester Castle is an actual historical event, and one medieval chronicler wrote that “no one alive can remember a siege so fiercely pressed and so manfully resisted.”

ContentFilm, who are the worldwide distributors of the film, describes it as “visceral and stylized action combined with impassionate heroism and romance. Ironclad tells the true story of a motley crew of tough, battle hardened warriors, who withstood several brutal and bloody months under siege, in a desperate bid to defend their country’s freedom. Well crafted and intense throughout, the film delivers ferocious yet breathtaking action.”  They point out that it will appeal to fans of movies such as 300.

James Purefoy
James Purefoy

James Purefoy portrays in a Templar Knight in the film, while the role of the evil King John is being played by Paul Giamatti. The budget for the film is around $25 million and was shot in various locations in Wales.

The film is written and directed by Jonathan English and produced by Rick Benattar. Benattar said: “It’s a project like this that makes what we do so exciting. Jonathan’s screenplay drips with morality, brutality and blood. The amazing ensemble of actors that have gravitated towards the piece, true craftsmen at the top of their game, proves how compelling the story is.”

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The trebuchet used in the film is now on display at Cardiff Castle – Click here to read the story


Review from the Los Angeles Times – “There are two kinds of extremes at play in the brutal, medieval action drama Ironclad: sword-fighting gore of the splitting-a-human-in-half kind, and Paul Giamatti’s snarly outrage as bloodthirsty 13th century English ruler King John. Huffing and puffing between scenes of grueling warfare is a muscular if cheesy tale of resistance heroism, made for teenage boys interested in “300”-style violence and chest-heaving martyrdom on a more rough-and-tumble scale.”

Review from the Boston Globe: “As history it’s bunk; as inappropriate historical fiction, it’s awfully close to comedy.”

Review of Ironclad from On the Box – “As a result the realities of medieval combat are rammed home hard and it’s appropriately brutal for the period; this isn’t a film that pulls its punches.”

Review from HeyUGuys – “Ironclad’s story has a significant purpose, one which captures the contemporary imagination: freedom for every man. It’s for this reason that we empathise with its characters’ determination to defend this ideal from the tyrannical rule of the Roman Catholic Church and the King. Hence, we easily commit to the grounds for the barbarity.”

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