Espacio jurisdiccional y espacio econmico en el Sureste Peninsular en la Baja Edad Media

Espacio jurisdiccional y espacio econoacutemico en el Sureste Peninsular en la Baja Edad Media

Molina, Jorge Ortuntildeo y Milla, Juan Leonardo Soler

Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies, Volume 1, Issue 1 January 2009 , pages 69 – 85



This study addresses the strengthening of royal power in the late Middle Ages and its influence over the organization of territory, as revealed by the definition of more stable frontiers and by its role in municipal planning, that are well known and are sometimes perceived as symptoms of an incipient centralized state. However, the authors consider that this extension of royal power needs to be relativized by analyzing the role of other agents of power, such as municipalities, which by defending their own economic interests could limit and modify the aims of the Crown. In this light, the power of the monarchy does not appear as an imposition but rather as having been negotiated and contested.

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