Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching

(SMART) is a journal of essays designed to assist teachers in communicating an understanding of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  The journal publishes two issues per year, covering a wide variety of topics.  The editors of SMART have graciously give us permission to republish the following articles:

The Tradition of King Arthur: The Grail in Legend and Film, by David Staines – from Volume 1:2 (1990)


Teaching Medieval Art History to Art Students, by Susan Ward – from Volume 3:1 (1992)

Art and Architecture Along the Pilgrimage Routes to Santiago de Compostela, by Eric C. Apfelstadt – from Volume 4:1 (1993)


Communes and Communities: The Democratic Elements of Medieval Life, by R.W. Carstens – from Volume 6:1 (1998)

Antar, an Islamic Counterpoint to Roland, by Barbara Stevenson – from Volume 10:1 (2003)

Walking Hadrian’s Wall: Learning, Teaching, and Pounding the Pavement, by E.L. Risden – from Volume 11:2 (2004)

To learn more about this journal, including a full list of contents and subscription information, please go to the SMART website.