Medieval Monastic Library to be recreated online

Durham Priory Library Recreated project

Durham University and Durham Cathedral have teamed to digitally recreate a medieval monastic library.

Global Middle Ages Project launches website

Global Middle Ages Project

The Global Middle Ages Project, founded in 2007 by Geraldine Heng and Susan Noakes, features six digital projects.

Medieval Treasures from the Digital.Bodleian

Image from the Menologion, a 14th century Byzantine work, now online courtesy Digital.Bodleian

Last month, the Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford officially launched their Digital.Bodleian online resource, which allows users to view, download and share over 100,000 images going back to the Middle Ages.

New online database allows users to explore the families of Medieval England

Mapping the Medieval Countryside

Mapping the Medieval Countryside has announced that the beta version of their searchable English translations of inquisitions post mortem (IPMs) – a major source into the lives and legacies of thousands of families from the Later Middle Ages.

The Medieval #Twitterati at #IMC2015

medieval twitter roundtable

The International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds hosted the session The Twitterati: Using Twitter in Medieval Scholarship and Pedagogy – A Round Table Discussion. Over 300 tweets went out during talk, and here are some of the best. [View the story “The Medieval #Twitterati at #IMC2015 ” on Storify]  

Unique digital platform to explore Magna Carta through art

1215 today website

The project launched at Lincoln Castle yesterday on the eve of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the ‘Great Charter’.

Medium and the Middle Ages

Medium and the Middle Ages

Take a look at 15 articles on the Middle Ages that you can find on

Be A Part of Chaucer’s Tale

canterbury tales writing - photo by Daniel Laughland / Flickr

For many people, The Canterbury Tales is not only Geoffrey Chaucer’s great masterwork, but one of the cornerstones of English literature.

Immigrants made up 1% of the population in Medieval England, researchers find

englands immigrants

About one out of every hundred people in late medieval England was an immigrant, according to researchers at the universities of York and Sheffield. They have also launched a new database that offers details about 65,000 immigrants who lived in England between 1330 and 1550.

A Clerk of Oxford wins best History Blog of the Year award

A Clerk of Oxford

Eleanor Parker’s blog A Clerk of Oxford has been named Blog of the Year during the Longman-History Today awards, which was held last week.

Great #MakeHistoryCute Tweets


History rarely trends on Twitter, so let’s celebrate having #MakeHistoryCute go viral and see what the Twitterverse is coming up with!

Free online course on the Magna Carta

King John signs Magna Carta

The Magna Carta and its Legacy begins on Monday, January 12th and runs until February 20th.

King John gets his own App!

king john app 2

Anthem Press has just released an app for iPhones and iPads that looks at the reign of King John of England. Produced in in collaboration with Graham Seel, who wrote the book, King John: An Underrated King, it is free to download.

New Project to look at Medieval Miracles in the British Isles

Miracle from the Life of St. Cuthbert

A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge have started creating an online database to categorize the miracles found in saints’ lives that were written in Britain and Ireland between 500 and 1300.

Teaching the Middle Ages to K-12

al idrisi map sicily

Daniele Trynoski reports on Teaching the Middle Ages to K-12: Sites of Encounter in the Medieval World: The History Blueprint Approach

Medieval Friends: Inspire, by Andy Mcmillin

inspire medieval

Find out why the title of her blog on all things medieval is very fitting.

Wellcome Trust puts over 100,000 images online

Credit: Wellcome Library, London Gynaecological texts, including information about conception, pregnancy and childbirth - Woman who died in childbirth on operating table, with doctor holding knife after delivering baby by Caesarean section, a nurse holding swaddled child Ink and Watercolour Circa 1420-30 From: MS 49, Apocalypse, (The), [etc.]. Apocalypsis S. Johannis cum glossis et Vita S. Johannis; Ars Moriendi, etc.; Anatomical, medical, texts, theological moral and allegorical 'exempla' and extracts, a few in verse.

The Wellcome Trust, a leading British health organization, has created an online database of over 100 000 historical images, including many from the Middle Ages.

Beowulf in 100 Tweets

Beowulf in 100 tweets

How Elaine Treharne took over 3000 lines of Beowulf and made it into 100 tweets.

How to Get Started in Digital History

How to Get Started in Digital History

Video from a Workshop at the 2014 American Historical Association Annual Meeting

Web Series for Medievalists

medieval webs series - Dating in the Middle Ages

Here are six web series that are kind of medieval.

Medieval England map on Google Maps

Medieval england map on google maps

Google and National Geographic are teaming up to share over 500 of the maps created by National Geographic Magazine.

Digitised Diseases website allows users to see the bones of the past

Digitised Diseases

Digitised Diseases, a new online resource being launched today, will offer medical experts, archaeologists and historians the chance to view over 1,600 bone specimens with chronic diseases.

Exploring abandoned castles in France

Abandoned castles in France

A look at one website that documents abandoned medieval castles and other sites in France.

The Vatican and Oxford University team up to digitize 1.5 million pages of medieval manuscripts

Image from a Byzantine manuscript now digitized

The University of Oxford and the Vatican have jointly created a digital project that will put online over 1.5 million pages of medieval and biblical texts.

New App allows users to explore the archaeology of Wales

archwilio app - photo courtesy Centre of Excellence in Mobile Applications and Services

The new Archwilio App will now allow smartphone and tablet users to digitally explore over 100,000 archaeological records in Wales for the first time.

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