Medieval Instagram: Five accounts medievalists should follow

Twitter has long been a popular stomping ground for enthusiasts of the Middle Ages. But did you know that Instagram is home to a lively and fast-growing community of medievalists too? There are loads of great medieval-themed Instagram accounts out there, sharing beautiful images and illuminating captions on all things medieval. Here are five of the best.


You’d expect nothing less than a first-rate Instagram from one of the world’s top medieval museums. As visitors to the Musée nationale du Moyen ge will know, the museum’s collection and setting in the late medieval Hôtel de Cluny are pretty remarkable. Their Instagram offers insight into the history of the collection as well as day-to-day life in the Cluny, from the conservation and shipping of objects to events, exhibitions, and even the last eclipse.



This account shares the stories behind extraordinary artworks and architecture from the European Middle Ages. You can look forward to reading about the grisly martyrdoms of saints, the chequered histories of grand palaces and cathedrals, and the technical processes that gave us these medieval masterpieces.

A silver foot reliquary once in the treasury of Basel Cathedral, now in the Schweizerisches Landesmuseum Zurich. This reliquary was made in 1450 to contain fragments of bone from the foot of one of the Holy Innocents murdered on the orders of King Herod. It is rendered as a realistic silver foot wearing a bejewelled and gilded sandal. Although there are some genuine pearls and a garnet, most of the gems are coloured glass imitations. A polished rock crystal window on the top of the foot rendered the precious relics within visible, and a mother-of-pearl relief showing the Presentation in the Temple plugs the top.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #medieval #middleages #medievalart #arthistory #art #history #relic #reliquary #religion #moyenage #mittelalter #silver #gilt #gems #old #skill #beauty #precious #arthistorian #bling #metalwork #gilding #craftsmanship #holyinnocents #massacreoftheinnocents #landesmuseumzurich #nationalmuseumzurich #sandal #fifteenthcentury

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Europe’s castles are among the most visible relics of its medieval heritage. If you don’t get to visit these sites much in person, you could find worse surrogates than @castleguide. They only started posting in December 2017 but have already racked up an impressive 9,000 followers. Given the stunning photos they post of these dramatically situated buildings, it’s easy to see why.


A neat pendant to @castleguide, @cathedralgram has a keen eye for spectacular and often unexpected photos of England’s cathedral churches. The account is run by Guy Tudor, who describes the buildings as ‘unequalled in their size and splendour.’ The 300 posts he has curated so far certainly go some way to conveying that vision. Expect dramatic and privileged views of England’s cathedrals, as well as glimpses into the daily lives of these historic buildings in the twenty-first century.



From grand gothic cathedrals to humble half-groats, @medievaldigger posts pictures of ancient, medieval, and modern treasures all found by a single detectorist in the northern Netherlands. The objects found range from unassuming thimbles and beads to the gold coins of all detectorists’ dreams. Follow @medievaldigger and you’ll want to dig out that old metal detector yourself!

This is just a handful of the many fantastic medieval Instagram accounts out there.

Our thanks to @_medievalart for creating this list.

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