The Failure of Magna Carta

The Introduction to the Medieval Warfare magazine issue on ‘A War for England – the First Barons’ War’

The Medieval Magazine No. 99 (Volume 3, No. 16) : The Anniversary Issue!

The Anniversary Issue! turns 9 this September! This issue will celebrate our favourite things about the Middle Ages from travel, to art, fashion, books and events.

Magna Carta, the Rule of Law, and the Limits on Government

This paper surveys the legal tradition that links Magna Carta with the modern concepts of the rule of law and the limits on government.


Here are a few recent releases for medievalists hunting for Black Friday books and early Christmas gifts!

Free Online course – Exploring English: Magna Carta

The British Council and FutureLearn are teaming up to offer a free online course on Magna Carta aimed at non-native English speakers. The course, Exploring English: Magna Carta, begins next week.

Teaching Magna Carta in American History: Land, Law, and Legacy

I invite readers to consider the place Magna Carta holds in American heritage. My aim is not to demonstrate without flinch or pause that Magna Carta brought us to this day, or that Magna Carta is the ‘mother ship’ of liberty, but rather to explore how Magna Carta was woven into the American fabric.

Final Month to See British Library’s Magna Carta Exhibit

It’s August, and summer has begun its inevitable wind down. Unfortunately, this means the British Library’s spectacular exhibit, Magna Carta: Law, Liberty and Legacy is winding down as well. This is the final month to catch a glimpse of the famous 800 year old document before the exhibit comes to a close on September 1st.

Magna Carta exhibition shows off newly found copy of charter

Earlier this year a copy of Magna Carta dated to the year 1300 was discovered in Kent. This rare copy now goes on public display as part of an exhibition starting today at the Kent History and Library Centre in Maidstone.

Exhibit: Magna Carta Through the Ages at the Society of Antiquaries of London

If you’re passing through London and want something to do that is very quick, free, and historical, check out this great little Magna Carta exhibit at Burlington House hosted by the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Magna Carta Conference Offers New Insights Into The 800-year-old Document

Magna Carta just celebrated its 800th birthday this past Monday. In honour of this incredible milestone, King’s College London, and the Magna Carta Project, hosted a 3 day conference dedicated to this historic document.

Magna Carta and the English Historical Review: A Review Article

As the most venerable of Anglophone historical periodicals, the English Historical Review has carried many new findings on Magna Carta. In what follows, I attempt a survey of this contribution.

Who were the scribes that wrote Magna Carta?

It is a conundrum that has puzzled scholars for centuries, but now experts from the Magna Carta Project have established the scribe of at least one and possibly two of the original Magna Cartas of 1215.

Henry III and Magna Carta 1225

Now at the end of 1215 you would have thought this charter was a failure, without a future. Why is that?

Magna Carta: How relevant to Australia and Human Rights?

How was it that this Latin inscribed sheepskin parchment became anything more than a minor foot note in English history? Why is Magna Carta today recognized as the foundational document of English constitutional law and the symbol of liberty and freedom throughout the English-speaking world?

10 Things You Need to Know about Magna Carta

Here is a quick guide to Magna Carta – how it came to be and what was in it.

Censorship and freedom of speech make the list for ‘Magna Carta for the digital age’

Today the British Library reveals the top 10 clauses that could be included in a ‘Magna Carta for the digital age’. The top clauses have been selected by over 30,000 voters who have visited the site and chosen their favourites from over 500 clauses published on the site a week ago.

Unique digital platform to explore Magna Carta through art

The project launched at Lincoln Castle yesterday on the eve of the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the ‘Great Charter’.

Free online course on Magna Carta begins today

A six-week online course begins today that will teach the history of one England’s most medieval important documents.

Magna Carta and Canada

Magna Carta, one of the most famous documents in English history, turns 800 years old this month. It’s importance goes far beyond the British Isles, including to Canada, where a new book and exhibition are highlighting the impact the medieval charter made on the country.

What would the Magna Carta look like if it were written for the digital age?

To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the British Library has created the Magna Carta: My Digital Rights project to examine what people think about in the issues of freedom and control in the digital age. The public can vote on their favourite clauses and on Monday 15 June, Magna Carta Day, the library will publish the results in the form of a ‘Magna Carta for the digital age’.

Who wrote Magna Carta?

This year’s lecture celebrates the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta which falls on 15 June 2015.

Great Charter Festival to take place in June

The Great Charter Festival, which marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta, will take place at Royal Holloway, University of London on Sunday 14 June. It offers a free festival of art and ideas, a fusion of professional and community artists and performers.

KZOO 2015: Session #42 – Magna Carta in Context

This coming week I’ll be featuring summaries on some of my favourites sessions and papers from #KZOO2015. I kicked off my first session on Thursday with the Magna Carta.

Magna Carta: The Road to Runnymede

A look at the creation of the British Library’s Magna Carta: Law, Liberty, Legacy exhibition.

Law in the Lives of Medieval Women: Beyond the Magna Carta

Ruth Mazo Karras discussed, through an analysis of the lives of three women, the way law affected (or not) women at different levels of society in medieval England.

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