Henry III and Magna Carta 1225

Henry III and Magna Carta 1225

Lecture by David Carpenter

Given at the Society of Antiquaries of London on June 2, 2015

The Society of Antiquaries of London public lecture series ‘Magna Carta Through the Ages’. Lecture by David Carpenter, Professor of Medieval History at King’s College London.

The first thing we should talk about is how do we get to the 1225 charter…Now at the end of 1215 you would have thought this charter was a failure, without a future. Why is that? Well, King John’s approach in issuing the charter I think was very clear. What did he thought it was that everyone will praise it to the level of the king for having granted these wonderful liberties to my kingdom, now you will all go home and live in peace. And, as for actually enforcing the charter, or even knowing what’s in it, please no way. So the last thing John wanted was the charter to actually be enforced, and as soon as he found out that the barons were actually determined to enforce it he got the Pope to quash the charter.


Henry III and Magna Carta 1225

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