The Life of Lady Katherine Gordon

Parkin Warbeck (Wikicommons)

This week, Susan Abernethy brings us an article on Lady Katherine Gordon.

BOOK REVIEW: Spies, Sadists, and Sorcerers: The History You Weren’t Taught in School

Book: Spies, Sadists and Sorcerers by Dominic Selwood

A review of Dominic Selwood’s, ‘Spies, Sadists, and Sorcerers: The History you Weren’t Taught in School’

BOOK TOUR: On the Trail of the Yorks by Kristie Dean

Books: On the Trail of the Yorks by Kristie Dean

Today we’re hosting Kristie Dean’s “On the Trail of the Yorks” book tour, featuring Anne of Exeter.

‘Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent’: “Good” King Richard Takes the Stage

Programmes for 'Good King Richard'. Photo by

The Golden Age Theatre Company, who put on this reboot of Richard’s life, tried to portray a different side of the story

I’ll Eat My Hat If It’s Richard: Dr. Turi King on the Impact of the Richard III Project

Dr. Turi King giving her talk on the discovery of Richard III at the 'Making the Medieval Relevant' conference

Turi King discusses some of the more humorous circumstances surrounding Richard III’s discovery, the science behind the dig, and the media onslaught that ensued.

To what extent has the concept of ‘deformity’ affected Richard III’s image and character?


This essay will adopt a chronological approach in an attempt to assess when, how, and why the concept of ‘deformity’ or disfigurement became so integral to the central argument surrounding Ricardian historiography, and whether Richard was a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ king.

Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England

Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable of England

During Richard’s protectorate he was responsible, as far as we know, for four executions for treason

New Richard III Art Exhibit Opens Today

This painting entitled Sanctuary for a King, the first in the series, will be sold by silent auction with proceeds from the sale being donated to Leicester Cathedral.

Renowned Leicester artist exhibit of the reinterment of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral opens today

Leicester Cathedral reaches £2.5 million target for Richard III reinterment

leicester cathedral  - photo by Paul Hudson/Flickr

Leicester Cathedral has announced that the appeal to cover its share of the costs of the reinterment of King Richard III is now officially closed, having met its target in full.

Places to See: The King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester

Standing over the spot Richard III was discovered at the King Richard III Visitor's Centre in Leicester. Photo by

Now that Richard III has been laid to rest, and his tomb is open to the public for viewing, what more is there left to see when you’re in Leicester? Plenty.

Did Richard III keep his scoliosis a secret?

Richard III skeletal remains

No mention of Richard’s distinctive physique survives from during his lifetime, perhaps out of respect to a reigning monarch, or perhaps because he hid it so well.

Writing About Richard III: Admissible Sources and Emotional Responses


What is it about Richard III that provokes an emotional response, when so many other British monarchs are of scant interest to twenty-first century people?

Philippa Langley: The End of Richard III and the Beginning of Henry I

Philippa Langley placing a rose on Richard's casket. Will Johnston - Leicester Cathedral.

Amidst all the excitement, and the whirlwind that was Richard III’s reburial in Leicester, I managed to catch up with one of the world’s most famous Ricardians, ‘the Kingfinder’, Philippa Langley.

What Remains of Richard? – play to take place at Bosworth this Saturday


What Remains of Richard? is being staged at Leicestershire County Council’s Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre on Saturday, March 28th from 1pm to 2.30pm

Richard III’s Book of Hours

Richard III's Book of Hours - Lambeth  Palace Library

When King Richard III’s remains were reburied at Leicester Cathedral today, the service made use of his personal prayer book, known as The Hours of Richard III.

Richard III laid to rest at Leicester Cathedral

Credit - Will Johnston / Leicester Cathedral

The remains of King Richard III have been laid to rest at Leicester Cathedral, the culmination of a remarkable series of events that began when his body was discovered in 2012 after being lost for hundreds of years.

The Road to Richard: The Reburial of the Last Plantagenet

Richard III arrives at St. Nicholas Church to be placed onto a horse drawn carriage for the final leg of his journey to Leicester Cathedral.

While there have been outcries over the pomp and circumstance surrounding Richard’s extravagant burial, there has also been a renewed sense of pride and upswing in popularity for this much maligned monarch.

Richard lll arrives at Leicester Cathedral

richard III 1

Update – you can read the Order of service for Compline and Reception of Richard III at Leicester Cathedral today. This includes full commentary notes. Click here to download it The remains of Richard III are now being brought to Leicester Cathedral – keep on this page to follow our live coverage of the event. […]

What do we really know about King Richard III? Explore his history this Saturday at the University of Leicester

Richard III  - earliest surviving portrait

Factual and fictional portrayals of the last Plantagenet King explored at public open day on Saturday 21 March

Lady in the Lead Coffin revealed

The Inner Lead Casket of the Greyfriars Medieval Stone Coffin Revealed For The First Time in 600 Years - University of Leicester

A mysterious lead coffin found close to the site of Richard III’s hastily dug grave at the Grey Friars friary has been opened and studied by experts from the University of Leicester.

Which Of These Foods Were Available In 15th Century England?

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, dining with John I, King of Portugal.

Some of these foods were available when King Richard III was on the throne, others were not. Can you guess what might have been on your shopping list back in 15th century England?

Discovering the ‘killer blow’ to King Richard III

Richard III Potential Killer Blow - University of Leicester

New film footage revealing for the first time details of the potential killer blow that claimed the life of King Richard III has been released by the University of Leicester.

The World of Richard III, by Kristie Dean

world of richard III book

This book leads you on a journey through the landscape of Richard’s lifetime.

Free online course offers unique insights into Richard III reinterment


The third run of the free popular ‘England in the Time of King Richard III’ online course will be launching Monday 16 February – and will offer a fascinating insight into life during 15th century England in the build up to the reinterment of Richard III on Thursday 26 March.

Where should the remains of Richard III be until he is buried?

Richard III skeletal remains

Some of the people responsible for finding Richard III are asking that his remains be no longer kept in an university laboratory, but be coffined in a holy place until his reburial in March.

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