Collapse of the Hunnic Empire: Jordanes, Ardaric and the Battle of Nedao

This thesis examines the evidence surrounding the Battle of Nedao, an engagement between Ardaric, leader of the Gepids and other rebelling tribes, and Ellac, the eldest son of Attila.

Hunnic Warfare in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries C.E.

This study examines evidence of Hunnic archery, questions the acceptance and significance of the “Hunnic archer” image, and situates Hunnic archery within the context of the fall of the Western Roman Empire.

Why did Attila leave Italy?

Reporting on the paper ‘Attila’s Appetite: The Logistics of Attila the Hun’s Invasion of Italy in 452’, by Jason Linn, given at the International Congress on Medieval Studies

Hungary’s Conversion to Christianity: The Establishment of Hungarian Statehood and its Consequences to the Thirteenth Century

The Carpathian Basin occupies a peculiar place in history. It was the ground where Roman-Germanic world met that of the Slavs and mounted nomad peoples, where no group had achieved sustained unity before the state of Hungary was founded.

Scandinavia and the Huns: an Interdisciplinary Approach to the Migration Era

The aim of this paper is to discuss the early Migration period as a particular period of ‘short term history’ and its formative impact on the Scandinavian longue duree in the first millenium.

Did a Megadrought force the Huns to invade Europe?

The worst megadrought in the last 2000 years hit Central Asia around 360 AD, new study finds

Here comes the Hun again…

TSMorangles takes a look at the 1954 film Sign of the Pagan, starring Jack Palance as Attila and Jeff Chandler as Marcian.

Odoacer: German or Hun?

The careers of Odoacer, of his father, and of his brother – even of his ill-fated son – were entirely consistent with those which could have been achieved by noble Huns in the generation after Attila’s death

The Western Roman Embassy to the Court of Attila in AD 449

In the summer of 449, yet another eastern Roman embassy set out from Constantinople for the court of the king of the Huns Attila.

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