The Tower-House Castle: Not Exactly Fit for a King

House, Tower, Castle. It’s like a weird hand of Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples but these special types of castles are common in Scotland and Ireland. The 13th century concentric castles of Edward I, a.k.a. Longshanks, a.k.a. Hammer of the Scots, are some of the most well-known surviving medieval structures. His castles are […]

Medievalists at the Movies: Assassin’s Creed

In between the exciting chases, hand-to-hand combat, and surprisingly well-acted dialogue, the overall film drags with too many flat moments of the lead actors staring into the camera or watching something happening from afar.

The Monarchy’s Symbols of Power

Medieval monarchs are remembered as powerful rulers, with a tyrannical control of land, nobles, and riches. They were strong figures, in control of their realm and their lives. However, medieval rulers also existed in a daily display of that power and authority. Even if a king was born into his position, he still needed to […]

Talkin’ the Medieval Bob Dylans

On October 4, 2016, the Swedish Academy announced that singer/songwriter Bob Dylan would receive the Nobel Prize in literature.

Top 15 Etsy Picks for a Medievalist

  Let’s face it, it’s just plain difficult to find the perfect gift sometimes! You want it to be unique, a great match for the recipient, a sign of your affection and esteem, and maybe even have a little medieval flair. We’ve scoured the world of Etsy for the weird, wonderful, and medieval products available […]

Why ‘Hamilton’ Matters to Medievalists

As I watched the 70th Annual Tony Awards a few months ago, front-running Hamilton, a musical production nominated in a record-setting 16 categories, really struck me as powerful.

Digital Humanities at K’zoo: A Recap

DH projects seem to be springing out of the proverbial ground like so many mushrooms over the last few years.

Medieval Wonders of MAN in Madrid

Danielle Trynoski explores the medieval exhibits at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional.

What’s New for History Lovers at the Getty

Danielle Trynoski takes a look at two new exhibitions at the Getty Centre – Eat, Drink, and Be Merry and The Edible Monument – with curators Christine Sciacca and Marcia Reed

Touching the Past: The Hand and the Medieval Book

Touching the Past: The Hand and the Medieval Book invites visitors to get in touch. Well, not literally since we’re discussing medieval manuscripts, but the exhibition wants viewers to consider the tactile side of books and manuscripts

A Medievalist at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

Danielle Trynoski reviews the permanent exhibition at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The Vikings in Chicago

Danielle Trynoski visits the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois, to see the new Vikings exhibition, which is on display until October 4, 2015

Renaissance Splendors in L.A.

Danielle Trynoski takes in the new Renaissance Splendors of the Northern Italian Courts exhibit at the Getty Center in Lost Angeles

The Louvre: Highlights for Medievalists

Despite offering exemplary samples of almost every type of art, the Louvre showcases some great examples of medieval art. The Richelieu Wing is where it’s at!

How Destructive were the Vikings?

Danielle Trynoski reports on the paper “How Much Material Damage Did the Northmen Do in Northern Europe?” given by Lesley Anne Morden

Music as Text and Music as Image

Danielle Trynoski reports on ‘Music as Text and Music as Image’ by Susan Boynton at the Medieval Academy of America and Medieval Association of the Pacific Conference

Teaching the Middle Ages to K-12

Daniele Trynoski reports on Teaching the Middle Ages to K-12: Sites of Encounter in the Medieval World: The History Blueprint Approach

The Medieval Academy of America Annual Meeting – A Recap

Want to know what a medieval conference is like? Our correspondent, Danielle Trynsoki, attended the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America, which was held this month in Los Angeles, California. She reports back about the papers, the people and the food at one of this year’s most important events for medievalists.

Get Interactive: Teach the Middle Ages for Ages 5 to 25

A list of activities, discussions, and assignments to support teaching the Middle Ages. Many of these suggestions can be adjusted for different ages, but I’ve arranged them in a roughly age-progressive order.

Learning about the Middle Ages at Indiana University

In 2008, I graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Medieval Archaeology, after completing a senior thesis focusing on Viking colonization and urban environments. How did I come to have such a specialized degree at a landlocked American university? Well, definitely not by following a straight and narrow path!

The Medieval Archaeology Masters program at the University of York

Danielle Trynoski reviews the Master of Arts in Medieval Archaeology program at the University of York

The Viking Cities of Dublin and York: Examining Scandinavian Cultural Change and Viking Urbanism

Dubh Linn and Jorvik, as Dublin and York were known in the Viking Age, both experienced enormous change during their time as Viking colonial centers.

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