Public Toilets in the Middle Ages

Where should you go to find a public toilet in the medieval city?

Book Review: An Early Meal: A Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey

A book that any non-academic Viking-enthusiast would love to have on their shelf or in their kitchen.

Books: Medieval Sources in Translation 2013

Here are some medieval sources in translation that were published last year.

Gay Reformers? Why the Medieval Church Banned Priests from Marrying

Among the issues that the current-day Roman Catholic Church is debating are whether or not priests should marry, and how accepting they should be of homosexuals. Interestingly, about nine hundred years ago both of these issues intertwined in the Anglo-Norman world.

Book Review: Dangerous Women, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

The twenty-one story anthology features a wide array of modern and historical fiction, sci-fi and fantasy.

Fantasy Books for Christmas!

For those of you who want something a little more magical under the tree this Christmas – here are a few new 2013 fantasy releases!

Christmas Books: Great Medieval Fiction Reads for the Christmas Holidays!

Some medieval stocking stuffers for the historians on your Christmas list!

Medieval Books: Great Reads of 2013

Here are a few great medieval books that were released in 2013!

Witches, Spies and Stockholm Syndrome, Life in Medieval Ireland

In this unique book, Dublin based historian Finbar Dwyer has created a captivating picture of life in the Late Middle Ages from fatal tavern fights to football; sex to sea travel and other topics often neglected by histories of the period

Viking Women: Not as Different as You Might Think

My novel, God’s Daughter, tells the story of Gudrid Thorbjarnardottir.

The Earliest Little Red Riding Hood Tale

Looking at an early 11th century version of tale of Little Red Riding Hood

The Medieval Papacy, by Brett Whalen

The Medieval Papacy explores the unique role that the Roman Church and its papal leadership played in the historical development of medieval Europe.

Queenship in Medieval Europe, by Theresa Earenfight

Read an excerpt from Queenship in Medieval Europe and save 20% when you order it with these special promotional codes!

De Itinere Navali: A German Third Crusader’s Chronicle of his Voyage and the Siege of Almohad Silves 1189 AD

Eleven shiploads of German crusaders from the cities of Lübeck and Bremen departed the Holy Roman Empire in 1189CE, part of Frederick Barbarossa’s crusader army destined for the Holy Land via England, Portugal, and the Mediterranean polities.

When Richard III invaded Scotland

A new article is shining light on a more successful military campaign that Richard led just before he took the English throne.

Book Review: Ancient Treasures, by Brian Haughton

Many people dream of finding some long-lost treasure – to think that perhaps a chest full of gold is buried underneath their feet and that you can retrieve it with just a shovel!.

New book examines the controversy over clerical marriage in the Middle Ages

Around the year 1100 the Papacy set about to end the practice of priests and bishops being able to marry. The church hoped to impose the same standards of celibacy that were followed by monks. A new book examines how ecclesiastical figures within the Catholic church dealt with the change.

Castles, Customs, and Kings: True Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors

A compilation of essays from the English Historical Fiction Authors blog, this book provides a wealth of historical information from Roman Britain to early twentieth century England.

INTERVIEW: Author Tinney Sue Heath

In late July, I posted a book review on, “A Thing Done”, by Tinney Sue Heath. The book explores the fantastic world of Italian medieval vendetta during the thirteenth century. Here is my interview with this talented and accomplished author.

New book pinpoints the site of the Battle of Bosworth

Bosworth 1485: A Battlefield Rediscovered, co-authored by Dr Foard and the historian Anne Curry, they describe the background to the battle and the archaeological project to find out where it was actually fought.

Glenveagh Mystery: The Life, Work and Disappearance of Arthur Kingsley Porter

Arthur Kingsley Porter (1883-1933?) was an American multi-millionaire, an eminent Harvard Professor of fine arts, an international traveller and researcher of medieval architecture, an award-winning author, and owner of Glenveagh Castle, Co. Donegal, Ireland. While spending a night at the fisherman’s hut that he built on Inishbofin Island, off Co. Donegal, Porter disappeared without trace, on July 8th 1933?

Book Review: Shadow on the Crown

A review of Patricia Bracewell’s book: Shadow on the Crown.

Viking poetry of love and war – new book by Judith Jesch

They are most famous for being violent invaders of foreign shores but a new book by a University of Nottingham Viking expert shows they were also poetry lovers with a wicked sense of humour!

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