How you can own a medieval piece of York Minster

Medieval stones from York Minster will be going up for auction on August 22nd.

Building Kenilworth Castle on Minecraft

English Heritage has reimagined Kenilworth Castle on Minecraft and will host workshops at Dover and Kenilworth castles for visitors to build their own

Byzantine manuscript, missing for 27 years, to be returned to Greece

A 12th century Byzantine manuscript, which went missing from the University of Athens in 1991, has been discovered in the collections of the Museum of the Bible, and will be returned to Greece later this year.

Heatwave reveals medieval road in England

Keele University scientists have discovered a road created by the Knights Templar after the recent heatwave exposed the long-hidden foundations.

Call for Papers: Reconstituting the Middle Ages: using medieval sources to recover the material past

Call for papers for a session at the 2019 International Medieval Congress

New video game aims to take players back to the 7th century

A new Kickstarter campaign is underway to help support the launch of Knights of Light, a historical action RPG set in Middle East.

Polish archaeologists discover medieval graves in Sicily

Polish archaeologists discovered 800 year-old burials during excavations near the medieval church of San Michele del Golfo near Palermo in Sicily. According to the scientists, the graves could belong to the Normans, descendants of the Vikings.

The Codex Eyckensis, an 8th-century Gospel Book, now online

One of the most exceptional illuminated manuscripts from the 8th century has been digitized and is now available online.

Evidence of Salmonella Paratyphi C found for the first time in medieval northern Europe

Eight hundred year old Norwegian skeleton found to have traces of Salmonella.

Finding the wealthiest places in Ireland, circa 1300

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin have produced a series of ground-breaking maps that illustrate the distribution of wealth in Ireland circa 1300.

Meet the medieval servants at York’s Barley Hall

Volunteers will take over York’s recreated medieval townhouse throughout the summer to showcase the lives of servants in the medieval period.

The Rothschild Pentateuch acquired by The Getty

The J. Paul Getty Museum has acquired the Rothschild Pentateuch, a spectacular medieval Hebrew manuscript from the late thirteenth-century.

Ancient parchments reveal a blend of cultures, knowledge during the Middle Ages, Stanford scholar says

Rare 14th-century texts historian Rowan Dorin found in Stanford’s Green Library show an enthusiastic exchange of knowledge between medieval people, going against the belief that the Middle Ages was an ignorant time.

Call for Papers: Medieval Equestrian History / IMC 2019

Call for papers for session papers on medieval equestrian history at IMC Leeds 2019

Museum to be added to Whitby Abbey

An investment of £1.6 million at Whitby Abbey in Northern England will pave the way for a new museum, improvements to the courtyard and visitor centre as well as a new coffee shop.

Tudor Shipwreck Discovered in Southeastern England

Archaeologists are now excavating a recently-discovered shipwreck found in southeastern England, which is believed to date from the Tudor-era. 

Uncovering the mysteries of England’s Bayeux Tapestry and its connections to Charlemagne

A team of academics, led by the University of Bristol, are hoping to raise awareness of a unique, but little-known, medieval fresco which depicts fighting knights on the wall of a village church in Shropshire.

Did brown bears become extinct in Britain during the early Middle Ages?

“Most of the remains that have been discovered from the Iron Age and Anglo-Saxon (early medieval) periods relate to skins that were included in burials”

Fifth-century mosaics offer clues on life in a medieval Jewish village

“The mosaics decorating the floor of the Huqoq synagogue revolutionize our understanding of Judaism in this period”

7 Medieval Sites added to the UNESCO World Heritage List

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has added seven more sites dating from the Middle Ages to its World Heritage List. The committee met earlier this week in Bahrain, where they inscribed 19 sites in total.

Bayeux Tapestry set to be on display in the UK in 2022

The British government has announced that Bayeux Tapestry is a step closer to returning to the United Kingdom for the first time in almost a thousand years.

Digitization and putting back together a 1,200 year old manuscript

It was a sensational discovery, when in 2012 fragments of the 1,200-year-old parchment were rediscovered in a box. The original was cut up in the 18th century and used as covers for other books. Six years ago, the fragments were found in the library of Admont Abbey and its value was recognised.

How did a cockatoo reach 13th century Sicily?

Frederick II’s cockatoo provides a rare window into that world – a medieval world that was surprisingly interconnected.

What we are learning about the Newport Medieval Ship

A team of maritime historians and archaeologists, led by academics at the University of Bristol, has published compelling new evidence about the remains of the largest and best-preserved late medieval ship ever discovered.

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