What did they sound like? Reconstructing the music of the Viking Age

This paper attempts to fill that gap by offering a reconstruction of Viking Age Scandinavian music.

The Desire for Solitude: The Secret Poems of Irish Monks

Medieval monks worked long hours in silence copying and illustrating manuscripts. But what happened when their minds began to wander?

Medieval Meets Modern: Stary Olsa Take on Rock Classics With a Medieval Twist

A look at medieval musicians, Stary Olsa.

Anne Boleyn’s Songbook

Now for the first time in 500 years much of the music included in Anne Boleyn’s songbook has been recorded by the Alamire Consort, under the direction of Dr. David Skinner of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University.

Through the Looking Glass Darkly: Medievalism, Satanism, and the Dark Illumination of the Self in the Aesthetics of Black Metal

The upside-down world of Satanic black metal is uncanny, both familiar in its use of inverted tropes and schemes and yet completely ‘other’ to those on the outside looking in, including Christians and consumers of mainstream popular culture.

Californication – Medieval cover version by Stary Olsa

The Belarussian band Stary Olsa, whose video of their medieval version of Metallica’s song One was a viral hit last year, have just released a new cover for the song Californication, originally by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Medievalism and Exoticism in the Music of Dead Can Dance

In 1991, the alternative rock band Dead Can Dance released an album that caught the attention of music reviewers by constructing an aural allegiance to the Middle Ages.

The Medieval version of Metallica

The medieval folk band Stary Olsa has made an impressive cover of the Metallica song ‘One’.

Natasha Mira finds her voice with Medieval Pop

‘I can finally say I feel at home with Medieval Pop as a sound and a brand that is 100% honest with myself.’

Music as Text and Music as Image

Danielle Trynoski reports on ‘Music as Text and Music as Image’ by Susan Boynton at the Medieval Academy of America and Medieval Association of the Pacific Conference

‘A great heathen fist from the North’: Vikings, Norse Mythology, and Medievalism in Nordic Extreme Metal Music

Viking metal is a dynamic and popular subgenre of metal music of burgeoning popularity coming primarily from Nordic countries.

Charlemagne, Sir Christopher Lee and Heavy Metal Music

Did you know that the famous actor Sir Christopher Lee is also a heavy metal singer? And his songs are based on the life and times of Charlemagne?

Barbarians and Literature – Viking Metal and its Links to Old Norse Mythology

Barbarians and Literature – Viking Metal and its Links to Old Norse Mythology  By Imke von Helden The Metal Void: First Gatherings, edited by Niall W. R. Scott and Imke Von Helden (Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2010) Introduction: Viking Metal originated in the late 1980s in Scandinavian countries, pioneered by the Swedish Death Metal Band Bathory. It was further developed and […]

How did medieval people dance?

A book by Robert Mullally is answering a part of this question, detailing one of the most popular dances of the Middle Ages.

Interview with Tamas Kiss of CEU Medieval Radio

CEU Medieval Radio is currently the only medieval themed radio on the internet which plays only authentic medieval and renaissance music from the Iberian Peninsula to the Ottoman Empire.

Sine Nomine: Ensemble for Medieval Music

Profile of the Toronto-based quartet Sine Nomine, with two videos from a recent performance.

Bach and the Middle Ages

Are there discernible historical roots or clearly perceived analogies that explicitly relate Bach’s music to the Middle Ages?

First Performance in 400 Years for Medieval Passover Music

Toronto Jewish High School Choir Revives Lost Tunes

Medieval Mummers are this year’s holiday hit – so says The Onion

The must-see hit of the holidays is a group of medieval mummers, who are going door-to-door singing old-fashioned ballads and acting out jovial plays in return for mugs of ale and gold pieces.

Regency Medievalism and the Early-Romantic Guitar

Professor Christopher Page, a celebrated musician and musicologist, will be coming to the University of Bristol on Thursday to give a lecture, entitled ‘Regency Medievalism and the Early-Romantic Guitar’, which will consider how the guitar, so favoured by amateur musicians among the nobility and gentry by 1830, came to be involved with a developing interest in the Middle Ages during the Regency period.

The Black Dragon – Music from the Time of Vlad Dracula

The Black Dragon – Music from the Time of Vlad Dracula Annette Bauer – recorders, voice, percussion, citole, bells Phoebe Jevtovic – voice, bells Shira Kammen – vielle, harp, voice Tim Rayborn – psaltery, percussion ‘ud, citole Tonight, we were delighted that we had a fantastic opportunity to attend a concert by Cançonièr. Cançonièr, “songbook” […]

Medieval Music Videos from History for Music Lovers

History for Music Lovers is a group of teachers who make history-based music parodies, including these medieval hits!

Chant – Music for Paradise

Chant – Music for Paradise, also known as Chant – Music for the Soul, is a 2008 CD of Gregorian Chant sung by the Cistercian monks of Heiligenkreuz Abbey.  It became the top-selling album in Austria, and reached number seven position in United Kingdom.   Official Website for the Album Article: YouTube and an e-mail take Gregorian […]

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