The Medieval Magazine: Love and Marriage (Volume 2 Issue 2)

medieval mag 54

Love and Marriage is the theme of this week’s issue, as we take a look at love-letters from the 12th-century, and defining marriage in the 13th. Read about the dangers of weddings in Italy, and the possibility of mixed-religious unions in Poland.

The Noisy Middle Ages

Hieronymus Bosch, detail from Christ Carrying the Cross

Let’s take five minutes to lend the Middle Ages an ear.

Digital Media and Medieval Studies Workshop at the International Medieval Congress

Created by Alexis Wilke / Wikimedia Commons

We at are proud to announce that we will be delivering a workshop at the 2016 International Medieval Congress

The Medieval Magazine: The First Crusade (Volume 2 Issue 1)

medieval mag 53

For our one-year anniversary issue we focus on the First Crusade, and ask were Christians and Muslims allies during this event? The answer might surprise you. We have more about the First Crusade, including interviews with two historians that specialize in the topic.

BOOK REVIEW: Grendel’s Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife by Susan Signe Morrison

Books: Grendel's Mother by Susan Signe Morrison.

Grendel’s Mother tells the story of Brimhild, a child found abandoned in a boat on the shores of Denmark. Taken in by a fisherwoman woman and her husband, she is received as a blessing for the child they recently lost. There is nothing to identify her save for a few strange, and foreign items packed […]

If it Thunders in February…

Thunder Storm Clouds - photo by Per / Flickr

If you hear thunder in February, it could mean bountiful crops are coming, or war and death will come down upon the wealthy. Here is your day-to-day guide on thunder from the sixth century.

Sir Gawain Gets an 80s Reboot: The Sword of the Valiant Movie Review

Oh that hair! Miles O'Keefe rocking a He-Man, metal band hair do, in the 1984 reboot of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in, 'The Sword of the Valiant'

This week, we have the retelling of the epic Arthurian romance of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in this 1984 fantasy reboot.

Five Things Medieval People Would Hate About the Modern World

Portrait of a Man by Albrecht Durer

Although a medieval person vacationing in the twenty-first century would no doubt be overjoyed at things like electricity, modern transportation, and flushing toilets, there are a lot of things they probably wouldn’t appreciate about our time.

Five Medieval Toothpaste Recipes

Toothbrushing - photo by Charlotte Van Bogaert / Flickr

Need advice on how to keep your teeth clean and shiny white? Medieval writers have got you covered!

The Medieval Magazine: Law and Justice (Issue 52)

medieval mag 52

This week we take a look at ten milestones in medieval law and tell the case of a corrupt archbishop. You can also get five recipes for medieval toothpaste, and 23 uses for rosemary.

The Power of Medieval States – A Report from the Year 1423

Map of Europe in 1430, created by Lynn H. Nelson

A 15th-century Venetian report estimates on the military and economic strength of the kingdoms and states of Europe

Dolphins in the Middle Ages

4th century dolphin mosaic from Halicarnassus, now at the British Museum - Photo by Carole Raddato / Wikimedia Commons

Like just about everyone else on planet Earth who’s been lucky enough to see them, medieval people shared a friendly admiration of dolphins. Their smiling faces seem to have garnered them human respect, and curiosity enough for medieval people to study them carefully and share dolphin stories.

23 Medieval Uses for Rosemary

Rosemary illustrated in British Library MS Egerton 747   f. 85v

In the Middle Ages, Rosemary was considered a wonder plant, which could be used to treat many illnesses and keep you healthy. One 14th century writer found 23 uses for it, including keeping your hair beautiful and preventing nightmares!

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Agnès Sorel: Death of the Official Mistress of the King

Agnes Sorel

Some people are born to break the rules, and one of those people was Agnès Sorel.

The Medieval Magazine: Royal Mistresses (Issue 51)

medieval mag 51

This week we take a look at royal mistresses in the Middle Ages, including a profile of Alice Perrers, the infamous lover of King Edward III.

How Many Of These British Cathedrals Have You Visited?


A very quick guide to see which cathedrals people are visiting, and which you still need to see :)

The Infamous Military Campaign of 1379

Fleet of Richard II, depicted in British Library Harley 1319  f. 18

The destruction of an English fleet led by Sir John Arundel in 1379 is reported by most chroniclers to be an unfortunate accident. However, if you read what Thomas Walsingham has to say about what happened, you get a far more horrific version of events.

MEDIEVAL BOOKS: Hot New Releases – January!

Year of the Book

A look at a few new medieval book releases for January 2016!

Medieval Traffic Problems

While perhaps people in the Middle Ages didnt need to worry about monkeys driving carts, there plenty of other traffic problems they had to contend with. From British Library Additional 42130   f.162

The medieval city was seen as a crowded, bustling place, with people, horses, carts and wagons all moving around. Just as in our modern city, this would all lead to inevitable traffic problems.

Using Salt in the Middle Ages

Photo by Kevin Dooley / Flickr

Salt was an integral part of medieval life: not only is some salt a necessary part of a human diet, but it’s also essential for preserving food such as meat, seafood, and dairy products in the absence of refrigeration.

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