7 Things One Should Know When Dealing with Kings: The Icelander’s Version

Christian Krohg illustration in an 1890s edition of Heimskringl

Here is MaryAnn R. Adams’ winning advice on how to deal with Norse kings.

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain, by James Turner

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An ebook from Medievalists.net

The Duel between Guy of Steenvoorde and Iron Herman

Duel depicted in Military and religious life in the Middle Ages and at the period of the Renaissance (1870)

…both fought bitterly. But Guy knocked his adversary from his horse and kept him down easily with his lance as he was struggling to get up. Then his opponent, running nearer, ran Guy’s horse through with his sword, disemboweling it.

In Search of Guinevere

Queen Guinevere questioning Lancelot about his love for her

As a lifelong lover of Arthurian stories, I have always had a love/hate relationship with Guinevere. In some stories, she is the well-mannered and generous ideal queen; in others she is a jealous and spiteful adulteress. How can she be both? When did she change?

10 Gift Ideas for the Medieval History Lover

lewis chessmen gift

If you have a medievalist in the family and are wondering what to get them for the upcoming holiday season, then you have come to the right website! Here are our picks for great gifts that have a little medieval in them.



It’s Black Friday! Here’s a little inspiration for that scholar, blogger, or aspiring writer on your holiday list.

Fredegund’s Deadly Dinner


One of the great villains in Gregory of Tours’ The History of the Franks is Fredegund. The sixth-century Merovingian queen was responsible, according to Gregory, for a lengthy list of murders and attempt assassinations, including against her own family members. She even murdered those men who failed to carry out her assassinations.


Book: Magna Carta: The Birth of Liberty - Dan Jones

Here are a few recent releases for medievalists hunting for Black Friday books and early Christmas gifts!

Who Would You Be if You Lived in the Middle Ages?


Do you dream of courtly love, castles, and jousting matches? Let’s find out who you would be if you traveled back in time to one of history’s most legendary periods.

The Medieval Magazine: Issue 43 – How to Murder a Byzantine Emperor

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In this week’s issue you can read about Byzantine Emperors, Anglo-Saxon England, Fabliaux, medieval manuscripts and what advice a mother gave to her son in the 9th century.

The Snow Baby: A Cautionary Tale

A snow flake under the microscope - image by ZEISS Microscopy / Flickr

Most of the time, fabliaux are lighthearted and lusty, but occasionally they stray into dark humour, like ‘The Snow Baby’.

Which Royal Ruler Were You In Your Past Life?

Which Royal Ruler Were You In Your Past Life

Ever felt like you were descended from royalty? Find out which ruler you used to be with this personality quiz.

Making the Medieval Relevant: Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Studies on Disease and Disability

Dr. Christina Lee - Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Studies on Disease and Disability

A summary of a paper given by Professor Christina Lee at the University of Nottingham’s “Making the Medieval Relevant” Conference.

Last Words from a Medieval Mother to her Son

Christine de Pisan instructs her son, Jean de Castel - from British Library Harley 4431 f.261v

Yesterday, I stumbled across a passage from the Liber Manualis, written by a ninth-century Frankish woman named Dhuoda to her fifteen-year-old son.

These are beautiful words to understand

15th century image of Venice by Erhardum Reüwich de Trajecto and Bernhard von Breydenbach

‘If those who wound felt the pain of those who are wounded, they could not often wound with pleasure.’

The Medieval Magazine: Making the Medieval Relevant (Issue 42)

medieval mag 42

In this issue we cover a conference held this past weekend at the University of Nottingham on Making the Medieval Relevant, which explores the ways medievalists are connecting with the humanities and sciences. You can also read about art being restored in Bethlehem, the Battle of Morgarten (which took place 700 years ago this week), how to defraud your lord on the medieval manor, and more.

The 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Morgarten

Illustration of the battle of Morgarten in the Chronicle of Diebold Schilling

On November 15, 1315, an Austrian army of at least a few thousand men marched along the shores of Lake Ägeri in central Switzerland. It was here that they were ambushed by over a thousand Swiss farmers.

How to Tell if Your 12th-Century Lover is Just Not That Into You

14th century depiction of Frau Minne, the personification of courtly love

In the twelfth century, courtly love was all the rage with the French nobility. To participate in this trendiest of trends, though, you actually needed to know the rules.

Medieval Books: 5 Great New Releases!

Book - 24 Hours at Agincourt

Black Friday is around the corner – here are a few books that have just been released!

Which Warrior Woman Are You?

Joan of Arc

Which famous fictional or real life warrior woman are you? Are you on a quest to redeem your past like Xena or are you on a divine mission like Joan of Arc? Let’s find out!

Five Medieval Chronicles that you can read translated online

Page from the Nuremberg Chronicle

Medieval chronicles from Italy, Germany and Russia that are available online in English translation.

The Medieval Magazine: Animals in the Middle Ages (Issue 41)

medieval mag 41

From Parrots to Whales, this week we take a look at medieval wildlife. You can also read about medieval treasures in Madrid, Bells in England, a mad King in Norway, and a few fascinating archaeological discoveries.

Medieval Wonders of MAN in Madrid


Danielle Trynoski explores the medieval exhibits at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional.

Top 10 Medical Advances from the Middle Ages

Dissection of a cadaver, 15th century painting

Medieval medicine has often been portrayed as a time when physicians were ignorant and health care remained the stuff of superstitions and quackery. However, a closer look reveals that were many ways in which medical knowledge and care improved during the Middle Ages. Here are our top ten medical advances

The most popular boys’ names in Tudor England

While the name Edward - including Edward VI (1537–1553) - was in the top 10, it was not in first place.

What were the most popular names for boys in England during the 16th century?

medievalverse magazine