Willaim N. Clarke and David Symons

British Numismatic Society, Vol. 77 (2007)


This article has been prompted by the acquisition by one of the authors (WNC) of a previously unrecorded coin of Aylesbury (see below, Corpus no. 10.5). However, rather than simply publishing this coin in isolation, it seemed an opportune moment to re-assess the activity of the mint and to assemble a corpus of the known coins.

Aegelesburh is a town in Buckinghamshire, about seventeen miles south-east of the county town of Buckingham. It was recorded as one of the towns captured in 571 by Cuthwulf, the brother of Ceawlin of Wessex. Little is known of its earlier history, but it must have become the site of a significant market since Domesday Book assesses the tolls at £25 in the time of Edward the Confessor, although this had fallen to £10 at the time of the survey.

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