What Vikings really looked like

What Vikings really looked like

By Irene Berg Sørensen

Published Online – ScienceNordic, 2012

Introduction: There’s no shortage of myths about the appearance of our notorious Viking ancestors. To find out more about these myths, ScienceNordic’s Danish partner site,, asked its Facebook readers to list their favourite myths about what the Vikings looked like.

We have picked out five myths from the resulting debate and asked researchers to help us confirm or bust these myths. Armed with this information, our graphic designer then took a shot at drawing some examples of our infamous forefathers, which you can see in our picture gallery.

The five myths are:

  • Vikings were dirty and unkempt
  • Vikings wore horned helmets
  • Vikings looked like we do today
  • Vikings’ clothing style was admired throughout the world
  • Vikings’ appearance was marked by battle wounds

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