The meaning of the nursing in Byzantium

The meaning of the nursing in Byzantium

By L. Kourkouta, P. Plati and P. Ouzounakis

Progress in Health Sciences, Vol.2:1 (2012)

Abstract: History reminds us that the care in Byzantium constitutes a unique example for all of human history and civilization. The Byzantine period is specifically of interest for its approach to social welfare and organized care for the sick, the elderly, mothers, and children. Byzantine hospitals were so well organized that they may be compared with contemporary ones. Nursing care was administered mostly by nuns and monks as a form of prayer and as an expression of love and worship of God. On this basis, nursing developed into a calling and a sacred service. During the Byzantine period, knowledge spread across the world, the social position of nursing was elevated, and the spiritual aspect of healing was emphasized.

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