Blind Date – Scottish medieval pottery industries

Blind Date – Scottish medieval pottery industries

Hall, Derek W.

Tayside and Fife Archaeological Journal, Vol.2 (1996)


The idea for this paper was triggered by a number of factors: firstly, the restarting of the analysis and quantification of the pottery from the Perth High Street excavations of 1975 to 1977, and the appreciation of how many questions it might answer; secondly, the wide interest that has been expressed in having an overview of Scottish medieval pottery studies; and finally, in this current climate of mitigation strategies and preservation in situ, now would seem to be a good time to decide what should be done with the vast assemblage of medieval pottery we now have in Scotland. What size of database are we dealing with? Well, the Perth High Street assemblage alone contains around about 56,000 sherds of local and imported wares, and to this can be added all the material from urban excavations in the last 19 years; a sizeable amount.

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