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Islamic Perspectives on the Crusades

Articles about the Islamic perspective on the Crusade:

Forgetting Osama bin Munqidh, Remembering Osama bin Laden: The Crusades in Modern Muslim Memory, by Umej Bhatia

The Image of the Crusade Woman through Islamic Writings Contemporary with the Crusades, by Brahim EL Kadiri Boutchich

The Evolution of Arab Conceptions of the Crusades,  by John “Garick” Chamberlin

Infidel Dogs: Hunting Crusaders with Usama ibn Munqidh, by Paul M. Cobb

Medieval Syriac Historians’ Perceptions of the Turks, by Mark Dickens

The Crusades and the Development of Islamic Art, by Oleg Grabar

Muslim Martyrdom and Quest for Martyrdom in the Crusading Period, by Daniella Talmon-Heller

The Crusades and Islam, by Norman Housley

Ibn ‘Asakir (1105–1176): Muslim Historian and Advocate of Jihad against Christian Crusaders and Shi‘ite Muslims, by James E. Lindsay

Franks’ Effect on Islamic Spirit, Religious and Cultural Characters in Medieval Syria, by Hatim Mahamid

The Idea of the Jihad in Islam before the Crusades, by Roy Parviz Mottahedeh and Ridwan al-Sayyid


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