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Crusades in Europe

Articles about crusading in northern and eastern Europe, and in Italy:

The Baltic – from European Sea of Troubles to Global Interface, by Nils Blomkvist

Pagans by Comparisons: Medieval Christian and Muslim Constructions of the Pagan “Other”, by Philip Busalacchi

Horses and Crossbows: Two Important Warfare Advantages of the Teutonic Order in Prussia, by Sven Ekdahl

The Effects of King Sigismund’s Hussite Wars on the Art of War, by Arpad Fa


The Political Crusades – A useful historiographical concept?, by Bjarke Følner

“More Glory than Blood”: Murder and Martyrdom in the Hussite Crusades, by Thomas A. Fudge

Waiting for the Barbarians: the imagery, dynamics and functionof the Other in Northern German missionary chronicles, 11th-early 13th centuries: the Gestae hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum of Adam of Bremen, Chronica Slavorum of Helmold of Bosau, Chronica Slavorum of Arnold of Lübeck, and Chronicon Livoniae of Henry of Livonia, by Linda Kaljundi

Mobilisation of the European Periphery against the Mongols, by John H. Lind

A Swedish Crusader King as Russian Orthodox Saint on the Valamo Archipelago?, by John H. Lind


The Saracens of the Baltic: Pagan and Christian Lithuanians in the Perception of English and French Crusaders to Late Medieval Prussia, by Alan V. Murray

The Ecology of Crusading project: new research on medieval Baltic landscapes, by Aleksander Pluskowski, Alexander Brown, Lisa-Marie Shillito, Krish Seetah, Daniel Makowiecki, Marc Jarzebowski, Kaspars Kļaviņš and Juhan Kreem

Recent Issues in Polish Historiography of the Crusades, by Darius von Güttner Sporzyński

Communicating Crusade: Livonian Mission and the Cistercian Network in the Thirteenth Century, by Marek Tamm

When did the Dominicans Arrive in Tallinn?, by Marek Tamm

The Prussian-Lithuanian Frontier of 1242, by William Urban