The Crusader States in the Twelfth Century

Alice of Antioch and the rebellion against Fulk of Anjou, by Adriana R. de Almeida

Frontier Warfare in the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem: The Campaign of Jacob’s Ford, 1178-79, by Malcolm Barber

Forgetting Osama bin Munqidh, Remembering Osama bin Laden: The Crusades in Modern Muslim Memory, by Umej Bhatia

The Treaty of Devol (1108) as an Example of the Byzantine Policy of “Divide and Rule”, by Azat Bozoyan

Genoese Trade with Syria in the Twelfth Century, by Eugene H Byrne

Infidel Dogs: Hunting Crusaders with Usama ibn Munqidh, by Paul M. Cobb

New Information about Cogs and Medieval Naval Logistics from an Eyewitness Crusade Chronicle, De intinere navali, by Dana Cushing

From Raw Materials to a Compound and Back Again: A Look at One Element of Crusader Architecture, by Esther Grabiner

Franks and Natives in the Crusader States: the State of the Question, by Andrew Jotischky

The Battle of Hattin Revisited, by Benjamin Z. Kedar

Armenian Architecture in Twelfth-Century Crusader Jerusalem, by Nurith Kenaan-Kedar


The Fatimid Navy and the Crusades, 1099-1171, by Yaacov Lev

The Crusading Motivation of the Italian City Republics in the Latin East, c. 1096-1104, by Christopher J. Marshall

Prosopographical Research on the Crusader States, by Alan V. Murray

In the Shadow of Zengi: Diplomatic Relations between Damascus and the Crusader States during the Reign of King Fulk of Jerusalem, by Basit Hammad Qureshi

Funduq, Fondaco, and Khan in the Wake of Christian Commerce and Crusade, by Constable Olivia Remie

The Papacy, Crusading, and the Jews in the Central Middle Ages, by Rebecca Rist

‘The Lord put His people to the sword’: Contemporary perceptions of the Battle of Hattin (1187), by Daniel Roach

The Liturgy of the Liberation Jerusalem, by Bernard Sabella

The Visitatio Sepulchri in the Latin Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, by Iris Shagrir

The Naming Patterns of the Inhabitants of Frankish Acre, by Iris Shagrir

The Venetian Crusade of 1122-1124, by Jonathan Riley-Smith

William of Tyre and the Byzantine Empire: the construction and deconstruction of an image, by Luka Špoljarić

Ceramics as a Reflection of Maritime Commercial Activity at Crusader Acre, by Edna J. Stern

How Eager He Was for the Victory of Islam!’: Saladin’s Strategy Against the Kingdom of Jerusalem (1171-1187), by Jan Vandeburie

The medical resources and practice of the crusader states in Syria and Palestine 1096-1193, by Ann F. Woodings

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