French Secular Music of the Late 14th Century

French Secular Music of the Late 14th Century

Apel, William  (University of North Carolina)

Medieval Academy of America (1962)


The present publication is intend to fill, in some measure, the most serious gap in our knowledge of the history of polyphonic music, that is, the development of French music between Machaut and Dufay. To be sure, there are other gaps which we would like to have eliminated, as, for instance, the early development from the Musica enchiriadis of the ninth century to the School of St. Martial of the twelfth, or the development of Italian polyphony throughout the fifteenth century. However, the very greatness of the two names, Machaut and Dufay, imparts special significance to the period we are con- cerned with here. Moreover, while in the two other cases the situation appears irremediable, owing to the lack of sources, there is ample material available for the study of French music of the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries.

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