Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell

Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell

By Carol Weakland

CreateSpace, 2011
ISBN: 978-1456347581

Carol Weakland portrays King Arthur’s rise to power in Morgen of Avalon, the first title in the author’s series of romantic fantasy novels that introduces Arthur and Morgen as star-crossed lovers.

An ancient prophecy suggests that Morgen (Avalon’s Fairy Queen) and King Arthur possess a love so pure that it will allay the bloody siege of Britannia. United, they are undefeatable, but Morgen’s decision to adopt human form as Arthur’s sister creates an impenetrable barrier that may thwart their dreams.

Mortality proves to be a double-edged sword that dulls Morgen’s purpose; Arthur is but a legend to her, a brother who instigates bloodshed every time he enters a battlefield. How can the two of them share the same peaceful goals? Darkness clouds all perception until Merlin, a mysterious enchanter, captures Morgen’s affections. Passion and prophecy consume her as she becomes torn between two different men while the battle for Britannia increases its fury.

“My book doesn’t focus on the traditional story lines behind King Arthur,” Weakland says. “Yes, there are elements of medieval battles, but they are simply secondary to the romantic triangle between Morgen, King Arthur and Merlin that has the power to save the entire country of Britannia.”

Set against the backdrop of King Arthur’s turbulent rise to power, “Morgen of Avalon: Dreamspell” asks whether there is a love strong enough to free Britannia once and for all.

Weakland attracts a large female audience with her romantic fantasy series, and includes elements of love and magic throughout her alternative view of King Arthur’s history.

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