Michaelmas Tribute

Michaelmas Tribute

By Cora Harrison

Pan Macmillan Limited, June 1, 2009

ISBN: 9780330446464

In 1509, in the kingdom of the Burren, people lived according to the ancient customs and Brehon laws of their ancestors. The Michaelmas Fair: a time for trade and celebration; a chance for the people of the Burren to gather; buy and sell their wares; and give tribute to the lord of their clans. When the steward of the MacNamara clan demands more, tempers run high. Then the steward”s body is found in the local churchyard; he”s been beaten to death. Was it revenge, greed or something more sinister that led to his murder? Mara tries to piece the puzzle together but, distracted by thoughts of the King”s surprising offer of marriage, nothing seems to make sense. Is Mara prepared to give up her position as Brehon to become Queen? And will she be able to bring the killer to justice before they strike again?

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