The Restoration of Beaufort Castle (South Lebanon): A 3D Restitution according to Historical Documentation

The Restoration of Beaufort Castle (South Lebanon): A 3D Restitution according to Historical Documentation

By Pierre Grussenmeyer and Jean Yasmine

XIXth CIPA International Symposium (2003)

Abstract: This paper presents the contribution of photogrammetry within the framework of the documentation of the Beaufort castle (South Lebanon), also called Qalaat el-Chaqif (12-17th century). After the withdrawal of the Israeli army of southern Lebanon, the Lebanese government asked for a consulting firm (J. Yasmine, DGA consultant) to establish general tender documents for the restoration of the Beaufort castle. Many parts of the site were destroyed or buried because of the war. In 2002, the castle has been surveyed by geodetic methods (GPS and total station techniques) to establish reference points and a revised map of the area. In 2003, J. Yasmine has completed the survey by aerial oblique images taken by helicopter and terrestrial images, following the recommendations of CIPA 3×3 rules. After the calibration of the different cameras, the block of images has been computed within the PhotoModelerTM package, in order to document and draw the parts difficult to reach by traditional topographic techniques and to check the homogeneity of this important historic building (approx. surface of 150m x 75m, height of 30m).

Several archive images of the castle were taken by the French army between the years 1935 and 1937 (vertical and oblique overall views on glass plates). The aim of the project is to use this archive documentation in order to try to make a 3D restitution of the destroyed and buried historical structures of the castle. This restitution will help the consultant to establish the framework of the excavation and restoration tasks, by showing the historical structures destroyed by the war. This collaboration has been possible thanks to the academic relations between the laboratory of photogrammetry of INSA Strasbourg and the Restoration Centre of the Lebanese University in Tripoli.

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