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Who is this King of Glory? Robert I of Scotland (1306-29), Holy Week and the consecration of St Andrews Cathedral

As an aspiring monarch Robert Bruce had the best of teachers – King Edward I of England. According to Sir Thomas Gray, Robert served in his youth as a ‘bachelor’ in Edward I’s household. If so, this may have brought the young Bruce into direct contact with Edward’s masterful deployment of ceremony, institutional space, image, text and liturgy.


The Kingship of Robert I (1306-29)

The year 1318 was dramatically representative of the fortunes of the kingship of Robert Bruce. It was also typical of his flint-edged and adaptable response to such fates and makes it plain that Robert’s strongest model for his own style of rule and the recasting of the office of King of Scots was surely that of his early antagonist, the formidable Edward I of England.