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Mercantile Arithmetic in Renaissance Italy: A Translation and Study of Selected Passages from a Vernacular Abbaco Work

This essay is a study of a Renaissance Italian manuscript which has been published under the title Arte Giamata Aresmetica (‘The Art Called Arithmetic’).


The First Zero

When did the mathematical zero begin being used? New research revealed this week by the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries shows that a manuscript from India bearing the symbol was written in the 3rd or 4th century, making it the world’s oldest recorded origin of the zero that we use today.


Four Medieval Manuscripts With Mathematical Games

Focuses on the medieval manuscripts of Bodleian Library, Sussex College, Gonville and Caius College that present mathematical games. How the Josephus Problem was presented in Bodleian Library manuscript; Explanation on symbols in Sussex College manuscript which describe the Josephus Problem; Errors of presenting the problem founded in the manuscript of Gonville and Caius College.


The Alcuin number of a graph

A man had to transport to the far side of a river a wolf, a goat, and a bundle of cabbages. The only boat he could find was one which would carry only two of them. For that reason he sought a plan which would enable them all to get to the far side unhurt. Let him, who is able, say how it could be possible to transport them safely?