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New Medieval Books: Islam in Europe

Islam in Europe

By Diana Luber with Michael Franses and Matthew Reeves

Sam Fogg
ISBN: 978-1-913645-58-8

A catalogue that showcased the exhibition ‘Islam in Europe’ held at the Sam Fogg gallery in London in 2023. It details over 60 items that were part of the exhibition ranging from ceramics to carpets.


The image of Islam in the European Middle Ages is a topic of vital interest to the field of medieval and early modern art and to global art histories. Though our focus for over thirty years has been on exhibiting both European art as well as Islamic art, we have never before looked at both together in one project. By considering these two cultural forces as inextricably linked phenomena, rather than discrete entities, we have been better able to understand and provide meaningful context for both the Islamic and European artworks we present.


Who is this book for?

While this catalogue would be most useful to those who attended the exhibition last year, it does offer something for those interested in medieval art and material culture. It does highlight how Muslim and Christian people interacted in the Middle Ages connected in creating art and sharing knowledge, whether it be someone creating jars in Italy or a manuscript in Iberia.

The author

Diana Luber is the Islamic specialist at Sam Fogg.

To learn more about the exhibition, please visit Sam Fogg website.

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