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New Medieval Books: The Standard Language Ideology of the Hebrew and Arabic Grammarians of the ‘Abbasid Period

The Standard Language Ideology of the Hebrew and Arabic Grammarians of the ‘Abbasid Period

By Benjamin P. Kantor

Open Book Publishers
ISBN: 978-1-80511-182-5

This open-access book examines the connections between Hebrew and Arabic in the Middle Ages when it comes to language. it offers a look at how people learned from each other even though they came from different backgrounds and religions.


In this book, then, we will consider aspects of language ideology that appear to be shared between the Hebrew and Arabic grammarians of the Middle Ages, in particular those who were active during the ʿAbbasid period. The corpus will primarily include introductions to various Hebrew grammatical treatises—or works that somehow relate to language—written by Hebrew grammarians. Because this book intends a comparison with the medieval Arabic language ideology, the corpus will be limited to those Hebrew grammarians who composed their works in Judeo-Arabic during the ʿAbbasid period (750–1258 CE), which witnessed the most significant developments for the codification of grammar in both traditions.


Who is this book for?

At first, this book seems to have a limited audience – scholars who focus on language and philology in the Middle Ages. But those interested in cross-cultural connections could also find this worth a read, for it reveals how people learned from each other.

The author

Benjamin Paul Kantor is a Research Associate in Biblical Hebrew Philology at the University of Cambridge. He also runs the website


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