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Seven videos on making medieval manuscripts

What goes into making a medieval manuscript? Here are seven videos from The British Library where Patricia Lovett, a professional calligrapher and illuminator explains the process, tools and techniques used in designing an illuminated page.


Did you know that left-handed pens were in use during the Middle Ages? Demonstrating how to make quill pens from bird feathers.


Oak Gall Ink

Why were wasps so important for medieval scribes? Revealing the complex process behind making ink for writing in manuscripts.


What material did scribes use instead of paper for the pages in their books? Examining how animal skins were selected and prepared for use in medieval manuscripts.


The Page

How did scribes prepare their pages for writing? Examining the tools for ruling and line marking in medieval books.


How did illuminators make the brilliant colours in their manuscripts? Uncovering the variety of pigments that were in use in the Middle Ages.


What role did eggs play in illuminating manuscripts? Explaining how medieval artists painted beautiful illustrations in their books.

Making Miniatures

How did medieval artists make their manuscripts shine? Exploring the work behind painting and embellishing manuscripts and reproducing a lavishly illuminated page.


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Top Image: British Library MS Arundel 74   f. 2v