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New Medieval Books: Bede and the Theory of Everything

Bede and the Theory of Everything

By Michelle P. Brown

Reaktion Books
ISBN: 978 178914 788 9

A biography of the eighth-century monk Bede, focusing on his vast interest in learning and writing about the world he lives in. Chapters focus on his works related to history, religion, science, poetry and more.


In my view, his reputation is so great because of his remarkably joined-up thinking and his ability to see the bigger picture, his studies embracing diverse areas in pursuit of a ‘theory of everything’ in which the arts, sciences and faith were integrated.


Who is this book for?

While books about ‘The Venerable’ Bede are numerous, this author’s focus on his diverse interests offers something new. This book will serve as a good introduction to Bede and his legacy.

The author:

Michelle P. Brown is Professor Emerita of Medieval Manuscript Studies at the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Previously the Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts at the British Library, she is a widely lauded historian. You can learn more about Michelle on her website or follow her on X/Twitter.


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