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New Medieval Books: Wolves of Winter

Wolves of Winter

By Dan Jones

Head of Zeus
ISBN: 9781838937942

The second book in the Essex Dogs trilogy, the story of Loveday FitzTalbot and his fellow soldiers continues with them at the Siege of Calais (1346-7). It’s a tale of war told through the ordinary soldiers who had to fight it.


Dusk was falling as the Captain peeled away from the thinning crowds on the Pont au Change and slipped between two wooden shop fronts, down a narrow alley that led to the barrier at the bridge’s edge. He leaned on the rail and looked out. Paris. On his left, the dying sun’s last light bathed the Île de la Cité, on which stood the royal palace, Sainte-Chapelle and the cathedral of Notre-Dame. To his right, it lit up the sprawl of the city proper: a vast, seething metropolis of thousands of houses, shops and churches, all crammed within the old defensive walls.


Below flowed the Seine. The river quickened and eddied where its waters rushed through the bridge’s narrow arches. Thick brown foam bubbled on top. The Captain caught the stink of the public jakes, which emptied a short way upriver. Ripe on a summer’s night. He covered his nose and inhaled through his sleeve. He counted breaths like paternosters. All around the city, he heard vespers bells tolling.

‘So he’s dead.’

Who is this book for?

This novel offers a gritty account of the Siege of Calais and what it would have been like for the men who fought there. While it’s a work of fiction, it will likely appeal to those interested in the Hundred Years’ War or who just like compelling stories set in the Middle Ages. You will have to read the first book in the trilogy, Essex Dogs, before starting with this one.


The author

Dan Jones is a kind of superstar medieval historian, with his books becoming Best Sellers and his TV series and podcasts finding strong audiences. You can learn more about Dan through his Substack or follow him on social media: X/Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

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