New historical tour company focuses on medieval heritage

A new travel tour company has launched with a focus on the Middle Ages. Timequest is based in the English / Welsh border region and is offering medieval-themed tours and experiences in a way that is very different from standard historical tour companies.

Founded by Richard Jeynes, an archaeologist and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he explains how Timequest is different: “Rather than simply being a tourist activity it is aimed firmly at those who share a passion for Medieval history and have a desire to experience more than the standard tour offering.”


Timequest offers tours for up to eight people. Based out of the town of Ledbury in Herefordshire, England, they are located short distances away from major castles, cathedrals and monastic sites. “The joy for the passionate amateur or the professional academic is that most of the sites are well off the normal tourist trail,” Jeynes explains. “From virtually unknown earthworks through to major castles there are literally hundreds of sites to study and many fall within less than an hours drive from the Timequest base. Because of this, the clients time is spent more on site following their passion than sitting on a coach or train travelling to places that will be crammed with other tourists on arrival.”

The company makes use of the Verzon House country hotel near the town of Ledbury to give accommodation to their clients.

While many touring companies offer a catalogue of pre-existing tours, Timequest is more focused on collaborating with their clients to create specific tours geared towards their interests and study. “We are different from most other tour operators in that we try hard to work closely with clients to provide exactly what they are interested in rather than simply providing a catalogue of preselected tours and sites,” says Jeynes. “Additionally we try to offer a complete range of complimentary experiences that really provide a deeper insight to the medieval period. In other words not only can you visit a castle or battlefield but you can also experience what it would have taken to train as a footsoldier or archer. In addition, you can refight the battle as a wargame and really begin to understand the issues facing armies of the day. Our guides are real experts in their fields but capable of talking enthusiastically and passionately about their subjects. Finally, our accommodation and operating base is of the highest standard and located in beautiful surroundings.”


At certain times of the year they can also take clients to view battle re-enactments where you can experience the noise and clamour of medieval battlse. Timequest is based close to three medieval festivals and re-enactments: Tewkesbury (1451) Evesham (1265) and, Bosworth (1485).

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Top Image: Ludlow Castle – photo courtesy Timequest