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Medieval Storytime: Dogs

They’ve been our helpers, protectors, and best friends for thousands of years, but what did people in the Middle Ages think about our canine companions? This week, Danièle shares some medieval writers’ thoughts about dogs.

Some of the sources used in this episode include:

Nicholas Orme: Going to Church in Medieval England

Ian P. Wei: Thinking About Animals in Thirteenth-Century Paris (for Guibert de Nogent and the communion wafers)


Daniel of Beccles: The Book of the Civilised Man

T.H. White: The Bestiary

Marie de France: Fables

The Goodman of Paris: The Good Wife’s Guide

Medieval Pet Names

Kathleen Walker-Meikle: Dogs in Medieval Manuscripts and Medieval Pets

St. Guinefort

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Top Image: British Library MS Yates Thompson 13 fol. 82v