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New Medieval Books: Henry V: A History of His Most Important Places and Events

Henry V: A History of His Most Important Places and Events

By Deborah Fisher

Pen & Sword History
ISBN: 978 1 39907 046 1

Partly a biography of the English king Henry V (1413-1422) and partly a guide to castles, palaces and battlefields that he visited during his reign. It includes details about the battles of Shrewsbury and Agincourt, and various places in Wales, England and France.

The profile for the book explains that it “takes its reader on a journey from the rural areas around Monmouth, where he was born, to Harlech Castle, where he put an end to Owain Glyndwr’s rebellion, and from his coronation at Westminster Abbey to his private retreat at Kenilworth. We see him seize Harfleur and take the long road to Calais, culminating in the Battle of Agincourt, one of the most spectacular victories ever won by an English army. We follow his continued campaigns in France, through his marriage to Catherine of Valois at Troyes, to his eventual, tragically premature, death at Vincennes.”



This book, in keeping with its place in the Following in the Footsteps series, is a kind of travelogue, concentrating on places that were important in Henry’s life, many of which can still be visited by those interested in getting a better feel for the man and understanding how his character was shaped by his environment. Perhaps it is wrong to suggest that it is literally possible to follow in Henry’s footsteps. Records of his reign and activities are plentiful but cannot always give an exact picture of where he was at a given time. The roads he took, particularly during his military campaigns in Wales and France, may no longer be passable; they have been abandoned or built over, or perhaps were never known to anyone outside Henry’s immediate circle. Nevertheless, those who at least make the attempt to pass the same way as Henry will discover that he was far more than one-battle-wonder.

Who is this book for:

The book is aimed at people who want to explore the historical sites associated with Henry V. It even gives you details on how to travel to these places. Historians of the English king will also find this book to be useful – while not a day-to-day account of Henry’s activities, it is helpful as a general chronology to his reign.


The author:

Deb Fisher is a historian and former librarian who has penned several books mostly on Welsh history. She is also the chair of The Barbara Pym Society, and you can hear her talking about that topic on the Women in Oxford’s History Podcast.

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