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New Medieval Books: Splendor Solis

Splendor Solis: Harley MS. 3469

By Jörg Völlnagel, Thomas Hofmeier, Joscelyn Godwin and Peter Kidd

M. Moleiro Editor
ISBN: 978-8496400-68-9

A luxury edition comprising principles of an ancient field of knowledge, the tradition of which is very much alive. Perfect gift for philosophers, stone seekers and art lovers. Readers of can get 15% off the price.

What better way to unearth the hidden meaning of alchemy, the science of transformation, than with the help of the most famous illuminated manuscript on the matter, Splendor Solis. This treatise, which has enthralled the imaginative minds of the likes of James Joyce and Umberto Eco, deals with a number of mysterious concepts, such as the alchemical process of putrefaction, decoction, transmutation, and, of course, the nature and powers of the coveted philosophers’ stone. But it was principally its stunning, detailed and highly symbolic full-page illustrations that extended its fame way beyond the realm of alchemy itself.


As Thomas Hofmeier, researcher of alchemy and one of the authors of the manuscript monograph, deftly put it: “The Splendor Solis is the summa summarum of alchemy as manifested at the transition from the late Middle Ages to the Modern Era … the pinnacle of alchemical expertise.”

The most beautiful and lavishly painted copy of the treatise is the British Library manuscript, Harley 3469. Its fully illustrated monographic study by Jörg Völlnagel, Thomas Hofmeier, Joscelyn Godwin and Peter Kidd examines the story behind the manuscript and its place within the field of alchemy. It features an English translation of the original text, and reproduces and provides commentary on its 22 allegorical paintings


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